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US Expects 'Extremely Active' Hurricane Season as Critical Satellite Fails

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has warned that the 2013 hurricane season is expected to be 'extremely active.' This is in part because of unusually warm water temperatures that are already extending further north than normal. Last season's Superstorm Sandy remained powerful even as it extended into waters off...
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More Hurricanes--What to Do About It

About twice as many Atlantic hurricanes form each year on average than a century ago, but so we don't repeat the mistakes of Katrina, when weak levees broke, scientists have developed "instant dams" that can be dropped from the air.

A new study concludes that warmer sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and altered wind patterns associated...

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Hurricane Hits the Middle East

An extremely powerful cyclone, the equivalent of the most powerful hurricane, is hitting Oman in the Indian Ocean. The highly unusual storm has sustained winds of 160 MPH, and has developed because, like most ocean areas, the Indian Ocean is experiencing higher than normal water temperatures. The BBC news quotes one resident as saying, "I have...

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El Nino Means Less Wacky Weather

El Nino may save us from hurricanes caused by global warming in the near future, since An El Nino is an extreme warming of the ocean waters in the Pacific that affects weather conditions worldwide. NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) reports that the current, weak El Nino will last into 2007. This has already helped to...

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How to Stop a Hurricane

Meteorologists are trying come up with ways to calm down hurricanes. One method would be to blast them with a nuclear weapon. "The answer to that is a hurricane is bad enough without making it radioactive," says Hugh Willoughby, of the International Hurricane Center. "The only benefit would be is it would glow in the dark and it would be a lot...

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