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Fracking Now Associated With Widespread Human Hormone Disruption

Fracking, the process of injecting numerous chemicals and millions of gallons of water deep underground under high pressure to fracture hard rock and release trapped natural gas and oil, is a very controversial method of energy extraction which has been associated with many negative side effects. In the United States, it has been found to cause...
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Hormone Horrors

Hormones that mimic estrogen are turning up in many of the plastic items we use, and estrogenic herbicides are feminizing male animals and fish. Some male frogs now have female organs, and some male fish even produce eggs. In a Florida lake contaminated by these...
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Love Chemistry

Valentine's Day always brings up the old question: Is it love or lust? Well?it all depends on chemicals.

There are three phases of love, which include lust, attraction and attachment. Researcher Domeena Renshaw says, "Falling in love causes our body to release a flood of feel-good chemicals that trigger specific physical reactions. This...

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Movies Put Us in the Mood

A typical date involves going to a movie, and this isn't abad idea, since scientists say watching a film can increasehormone levels?but to get the right hormones, you have topick the right movie.

Some hormones make people aggressive, while others, like thehormone progesterone, make us feel romantic. Watching "TheBridges of Madison County...

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Thousands of HRT Horses to be Slaughtered

The estrogen used for hormone replacement therapy came from the urine of specially kept pregnant mares. What's going to happen to all those horses, now that thousands of women are no longer taking HRT? The answer: they'll be slaughtered for horsemeat.

Keith Morrison writes for NBC News that many of the mares whose urine was used to...

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