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The Kids are All Right

The popularity of the movie "The Kids are All Right" prompts many people to ask: Should the sexual orientation of prospective adoptive parents be considered when placing children in adoptive homes? According to a new study, the answer may be "no." In a sample of 106 adoptive children living in different parts of the US, youngsters were...

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Another Kind of Love

On Valentine's Day, we like to examine what's new. There are all kinds of couples, but male homosexuality doesn't make complete sense from an evolutionary point of view, because since gay men are much less likely to produce offspring than heterosexual men, shouldn't the genes for this trait have been extinguished long ago? What value could...

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Do You Know What Sex You Are?

One of life's tragedies is to be born a woman in a man's body. Now researchers have found a genetic cause for this.

DNA analysis of over 100 transsexuals showed that all of them had a longer version of the male androgen receptor gene, meaning that this essential male hormone may not be have reached their brains efficiently while they...

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Why Do Gays Want to Marry?

A study conducted 13 months after the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts found that legal protections and making a public statement of commitment were the most often mentioned motivations for same-sex marriage.

It also found that lack of family approval and difficulties planning and paying for the wedding were the biggest...

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They Want What We Want

Researchers have found that most lesbian and gay youths want the same things their straight friends want: to spend their adult life in a long-term relationship raising children. And when it comes to straight couples, a man picks a wife just like Mom.

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What Losing Your Inhibitions Can Do

Worms can be tinkered with genetically to make them become gay, but all fruit flies need is to get roaring drunk.

In New Scientist, Peter Aldhous reports that researcher Kyung-An Han got fruit flies drunk on the fumes from an ethanol-doused cotton pad placed in the bottom of their container. When the flies were good and soused, they lost...

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The Gay Gene (More)

A study of men in Ontario, Canada provides a new twist on the connection between sexual orientation and right or left-handedness. Earlier studies showed that gay men (and lesbians) were 39% more likely than heterosexuals to be left-handed. This new data provides evidence that gay or bisexual men also have an elevated incidence of extreme right-...

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The Gay Gene (Cont.)

University of Utah biologists genetically manipulated nematode worms so the animals were attracted to worms of the same sex?part of a study that shows sexual orientation is wired in their brains.

Biologist Erik Jorgensen says, "[Our] conclusion is that sexual attraction is wired into brain circuits common to both sexes of worms, and is...

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Gay Brains: The Same but Different

Scientists now know that both male and female homosexuality is genetic. They also know that men's and women's brains operate differently. Now they've discovered that gays of one sex have brains that function like straight people of the opposite sex, further suggesting that homosexualityis caused by genetic factors, and is not a matter of choice...

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Wave of Gay Killings in Iraq

A 14-year-old-boy was killed for the crime of being a homosexual by the Iraqi police. Despite spending billions of dollars to set up a government and police force in Iraq, we clearly have not made much progress in changing the hearts and minds of Iraqis.

Jerome Taylor reports in the Independent that according to witnesses, the boy was...

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It's Over, Isn't It?

In her latest diary, Anne Strieber writes that in light of the new scientific information about male gayness, gay prejudice has to end. She says, "Everyone may not be able to attain happiness in this life, but everyone deserves it?or at least a chance to try for it. We're currently fighting a war in order to bring the right to pursue happiness...

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The Gay Gene (Continued)

We've written before on these pages about how biologists arebecoming convincedfrom their animal studies, that homosexuality is programmed into a person (especially a male) and is not a "choice." Female homosexuality may be due to hormones, but scientists aren't sure yet. Now there is even more evidence of a gay gene.

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Discovery of a Gay Gene

Scientists may be on the verge of discovering a physicalbasis for homosexuality, that can be passed down fromgeneration to generation. This discovery would be a majorbreakthrough for the civil rights of gay people, since theycould no longer be denied equal treatment under the law inthe U.S.

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Why Some Ladies are Lesbians

Experiments with the DNA of fruit flies and sheep show that male homosexuality is genetic. Now Martin Hutchinson writes in BBC News that lesbianism may be due to hormones.

Lesbians are more than twice as likely to suffer from a hormone-related condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome. Symptoms include excess hair, acne, and obesity,...

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Gayness Genetic

A study of gay sheep shows that homosexuality is probably genetic. Rams that prefer male sexual partners have distinct differences in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This region is usually twice as large in rams as in ewes, but in gay rams it's almost identical in size to that in "straight" females. The hypothalamus regulates the...

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