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Why Gayness is Genetic

Is homosexuality genetic? It's a long-running debate. This is an important question, because if this was proven (and accepted by lawyers and lawmakers), then discrimination against gays, such as state bans on gay marriage...
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Gaydar is Instinctive

Gaydar is the ability to "sense" whether or not someone is gay. While it can be used to reinforce a person's animosity towards homosexuals, it can also save someone time--it's no use flirting with someone of the other sex who is only interested in...
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Gays Becoming Accepted as Regular Folks

Mixed marriages are becoming more accepted and polls show that most people support gay marriage as well. Is it time to come out of the...
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Is it Time to Come Out of the Closet?

Scientists have long tried to figure out why some people are gay. Despite certain religious and political statements to the contrary, it's well known that people are born with this predilection, and not only that--it's a "spectrum," like autism, meaning that some people...
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Gay Brains

Now that gays can get married in California, it's worth noting that the brains of gay men and women look like the brains of straight people of the opposite sex. In gay men and straight women, both halves the brain are about the same size. In lesbians and straight men, the right side is larger.

BBC News quotes biologist Qazi Rahman as...

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The Gay Gene (Continued)

Two years ago we reported that biologists think that 8% of sheep are gay. A new museum exhibition in Oslo, Norway, documents the fact that 50 species of animals exhibit signs of homosexuality.

In, Sara Goudarzi quotes museum coordinator Petter Bockman as saying, "Homosexuality has been observed in more than 1,500 species...

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Most Folks in the Middle on Gay Rights

When you hear news stories about a battle against homosexualrights, don't believe it: a recent Florida study shows thatportraying the gay rights conflict as a sharply dividedbattle between homosexuals and social conservatives ignoresthe ambivalent feelings held by the vast majority of peoplein the middle. "The American public appears to be on...

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Gay Animals are Common

If homosexuality is an unnatural choice, how come so many animals are gay? Gay advocates say if homosexual behavior occurs in animals, it must be natural, and therefore gays should have the same civil rights as heterosexuals. Animal researcher Frans de Waal says, "There has been a certain cultural shyness about admitting it."


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The Gay Cure

Scientists now know that our sexuality is hard-wired into our genes. But psychologists and clergy have long tried to "cure" gay people of their "orientation," sometimes through aversion therapy of the kind seen in the movie "A Clockwork Orange." In the U.K., this was even paid for by the National Health Services. What were the results?

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Evidence Homosexuality Genetic

A change in temperature is all it takes for genetically-engineered male flies to switch from being heterosexual to homosexual. The change occurs within minutes and is reversible. This discovery will help scientists figure out how the brain may be involved in determining sexual orientation.

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