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Does Homeopathic Medicine Work?

The Swiss take homeopathic medicine seriously: In late 2011, they produced an official report on this that is the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever undertaken by a government. This is especially interesting since two of the five largest conventional drug companies are based in that country--despite this, they do not have a...
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Marijuana Shown to be Wonder Drug

"Marijuana is a wonder drug capable of radically transforming the lives of very sick people," according to the results of the first clinical trials of the drug, which were sanctioned by the British government. Marijuana is still illegal for doctors to prescribe in the UK and the US.

Until now, claims for the drug have been anecdotal. But...

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Scientists Prove Homeopathic Remedies Work

Scientists in South Korea have made a discovery that explains why homeopathic remedies work. It has to do with what happens when you dissolve a substance in water and then add more water. The discovery could provide the first scientific insight into how some homeopathic remedies work.

Homeopaths repeatedly dilute medications, believing...

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