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When is a Hobbit Not a Hobbit?

First there were hobbits. Then there weren't hobbits. Then there were hobbits again, but they were regular humans with a disease. Now the verdict is in: There WERE hobbits but they WEREN'T human!

In a an analysis of the size, shape and asymmetry of the cranium of one of the beings that have come to be known as "Hobbits," researcher Karen...

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Hobbits NOT

Remember those fossils of tiny people nicknamed Hobbits, that were discovered in Indonesia? Turns out they weren't tiny after all?the so-called dwarfs of these Micronesian islands actually were modern, normal-sized hunters and gatherers.

It's all the fault of an archeologist who misinterpreted fragments of leg bones, teeth and brow...

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Tiny Tools

There is ongoing controversy about whether or not a miniature species of human beings once lived on a remote island in Indonesia. Now archeologists have discovered tiny tools suggesting that this race of small humans really did exist. Anthropologist James Phillips says, "These tools are so advanced that there is no way they were made by anyone...

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