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New Virus Jumped from Monkeys Just Like HIV

Scientists now agree that HIV started in Africa from people eating dead monkeys--or "bushmeat"--that had the disease. The virus then mutated into a form that can infect human beings. Now researchers say it's happening again in Africa with a brand-new virus. Will this one be as deadly as AIDS?

Andy Coghlan writes in New Scientist that...

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AIDS Helps Parkinsons Disease

Believe it or not, scientists are using the AIDS virus to treat people who have Parkinsons disease. The AIDS virus can penetrate a cell's nucleus, which is what makes it so dangerous. Now researchers want to remove the dangerous parts of the virus and use this system to deliver genetic material that can relieve Parkinsons symptoms. "It can...

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HIV Influenced by Where You Live

Researchers think the place you live in is as important as your behavior, when it comes to getting HIV. "The risk of individual behavior is enhanced or lessened by the type of place in which it takes place," says Dr. Shelah S. Bloom. She analyzed HIV data from an area in rural Northern Tanzania, but her discoveries can be used to fight AIDS in...

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Why Some HIV People Stay Healthy

Three blood proteins known as "CAF" have been identified that allow some HIV-infected patients to stay healthy for more than a decade. For almost 20 years, researchers have been trying to figure out why some people with HIV do not develop full-blown AIDS, while others succumb to the disease almost immediately.

It turns out that the...

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HIV and Cancer Cures Exist in Our Bodies

Scientists have discovered a gene that provides a naturaldefense against the virus responsible for Aids. The gene,CEM15, stops HIV if it's slightly modified. Normally, HIVovercomes CEM15 by producing a protein called Vif thatsuppresses its activity. If the HIV virus can be altered sothat it does not contain Vif, the CEM15 gene will...

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Flies May Be Source of HIV

Blood-sucking flies may be to blame for the HIV epidemic being unleashed on humans, according to Gerhard Brandner of the University of Freiburg in Germany. AIDS researchers believe the HIV virus jumped species from chimpanzees to humans at some point in the first half of the 20th century, but they don?t know how it happened.


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HIV Cocaine Link and ?Missing Link?

Cocaine may not only be associated with HIV infections because it causes people to act recklessly and have unsafe sex?it may also help the HIV virus spread faster through the body, killing off more immune cells and reproducing 200 times faster than usual.

?Cocaine not only influences risky behaviors, it also has a direct and profound...

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HIV Superbugs Could Be On the Way

In poor African countries, patients with HIV often cannot afford their medicines, even when they are heavily discounted in cost. Africa is home to 26.5 million of the 37 million people in the world living with HIV. Scientists fear the result may be new superstrains of HIV that are resistant to the drugs.

This same process has happened...

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