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Wish You Were Taller? Get Educated!

Even if you didn't eat your veggies or drink your milk as a child, your eventual height as an adult is still in your hands.

Most of us "shrink" a bit as we age, due to an increase in body fat and decrease in bone mass. But a...
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Tall Power

Maybe the powerful really do feel bigger than the rest of us, which may be why they boss us around. A recent study finds that the psychological experience of power makes people feel taller than they really...
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How Do YOU Measure Up?

We know that tall people live longer than short people and this may be one reason why: short male babies run more than double the risk of a violent suicide attempt as an adult, showing that our genes count more than we'd like to think they do. But CULTURE counts too!

The suicide findings are based on a study of over 300,000 Swedish men,...

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