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140 Year Heat Wave Melts Shanghai

An reader reports from Shanghai, "It is hell here. It is far worse than they are saying. The heat is unbelievable, the streets are melting." He goes on to say that the hospitals are clogged and the government is not admitting the truth of just how many people are being affected by Shanghai's worst heat wave in the 140...
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Record US Heat Wave to Worsen

A heat wave that has broken records across the western United States is expected to worsen over the next few days. Temperatures have broken records across much of the western half of the country, with a high of 115 in Las Vegas and 119 in Phoenix on Saturday. San Antonio, Texas reached 108, a record for that city. Death Valley temperatures...
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Ferocious Summer Heat Ahead

Despite the fact that the brutal summer of 2003 brought withit the highest weather-related death toll in Europeanhistory, the catastrophe was largely ignored by the USmedia. Estimates of the dead range from 22,000 to 35,000,and now a scientific group is warning that such summerscould become the norm, and not just in Europe.

Until now, it...

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