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Your Cell Phone Can Give You a Heart Attack

Not because of any radiation that might be emanating from it, but because texting--instead of meeting with friends face to face--is associated with a greater risk of heart disease.

Neuroscientists have found evidence that experiences leave imprints--not only in our brains, but on our HEARTS. They've learned that people who practice...
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Mummies Show Signs of Heart Disease

Despite not having sugared soft drinks or fast food, the ancients didn't lead healthier lives than we do. Researchers who examined 137 mummies from four different cultures, spanning 4,000 years, under CT scanners, and found evidence of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) in almost half of them.

In the March 11th edition of...
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A Heartbreaking Job

Whether or not you're glad that Obama won re-election, Here's something you should know (and it applies to BOTH sides of the political spectrum): Ten of the nation's 44 presidents likely suffered strokes during their presidencies or after leaving office. Seven of them--John Tyler,...
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Heart Attacks May Have Saved Us

Can a bird have a heart attack? (They have high blood pressure, just like we do). Cardiovascular disease may be an unfortunate consequence of mammalian evolution. In other words, heart attacks may have evolved as a human survival mechanism, so what...
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How to Avoid Heart Disease

Don't live in the South - Medical researchers call the South the "stroke belt," because people born there have a higher risk of dying from stroke as adults, even if they later move away. Remember, it's not LIVING there that's the problem, it's being BORN there. However, those who were both born in the stroke belt AND lived...

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Hot Food or Heart Attack

Can't stand hot food? Then you'll have lots of warning if you have a heart attack, because the receptors that give you a burning sensation from eating chili peppers are the same ones that sense chest pain during a heart attack. "Silent" heart attacks, which strike without warning, may take place in people who are insensitive to these receptors...

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To Live a Long Life, Keep Shaving

To find your approximate date of death, measure your telomeres. These are the pieces of DNA that protect the ends of our chromosomes and control how fast our cells age, and scientists think shortened telomeres cause early death. Some cloned mammals, such as Dolly the sheep, have shorter telomeres than other animals of the same age, leading...

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