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Weekender: Increased Life Expectancy - Is It A Blessing Or A Burden To Society?

New statistics just released indicate that the average American is destined to live a much longer life than his grandparents; in fact, in 2012, the average life expectancy in the United States rose to a record high of 78.8 years.

The latest report on US mortality in the USA has just been issued by the Centers for Disease Control and...
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The vagus nerve: our route to a happier, healthier life?

The vagus nerve: our route to a happier, healthier life?

Think positive and you will feel positive. We hear this message time and again from proponents of 'New Age' philosophies, and it sounds like a nice idea. You can do it anywhere, at any time and it doesn't cost anything, so why not? Thinking 'happy thoughts' must surely be better than being negative, but does the concept have any basis in science...
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Wish You Were Taller? Get Educated!

Even if you didn't eat your veggies or drink your milk as a child, your eventual height as an adult is still in your hands.

Most of us "shrink" a bit as we age, due to an increase in body fat and decrease in bone mass. But a...
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Why This Generation is LESS Healthy Than the Last One

Despite so many medical breakthroughs, increased life expectancy in the United States has NOT been accompanied by more years of perfect health. A 20-year-old today can expect to live one less healthy year over his or her lifespan than a 20-year-old a decade ago, even...
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Why Macho Men Have Bad Health

Whether they see themselves as tough or just self-reliant, men are less likely than women to seek routine, preventive medical care, like blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. Black men are even worse about this than whites--but for a DIFFERENT reason. This could be one of the reasons that women (in both races) tend to live longer than men....
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Strange Ways to Get Sick

When it's time to leave the beach and return to the indoor pool, here's something you need to know: Swimming in indoor chlorinated pools may induce DNA damage that may lead to cancer as well as respiratory effects, but the positive health effects of swimming can be maintained by reducing pool levels of the chemicals behind these potential...

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Will We Ever Get National Health Insurance?

Will the Obama administration finally usher in national health insurance? We need to bridge the health gap between the rich and the poor?but when it comes to insurance, we ALL feel poor! A new study shows us that we may not get the insurance we all hope for.

A study involving health care systems in 21 countries?and the prospects for...

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Need an organ transplant?

Grow your own! - Surgeons in Spain have transplanted a windpipe in a patient that was created using her own stem cells. Since there is no chance of rejection, she will have no need to anti-rejection drugs.

In BBC News, Michelle Roberts quotes the patient's surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini, as saying, "We are terribly excited...

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Health Gap Between Rich & Poor

...and between blacks & whites - We know that the reason blacks get sicker than whites can be partially traced to environment. So maybe we ought to improve their environments!

Scottish researchers have discovered that just a small amount of greenery?trees, bushes and flowers?planted around places where poor people...

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Why Italians Get So Old & Wise

A year ago, we posted an article about why Asians get so old and wise (their secret? Green tea!) Now we?ve discovered the secret that keeps so many Italians going strong in old age?

Researchers have discovered that drinking more than three glasses of red wine a week significantly reduces the risk of colon cancer. Dr. Joseph C. Anderson...

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Don't Worry, Be Healthy

If you worry about getting sick, are you more likely to become ill? This doesn't sound fair but alas, it may be true.

It works that way with rats, anyway. Robert Roy Britt writes in that when young female rats, of a breed that is know to be cancer-prone, were placed in an unfamiliar environment, the ones that became...

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Working Moms Healthier Moms

US citizens are sicker, in general, than their UK and Canadian counterparts, and working moms are healthier than stay-at-homes.

While it may seem incredibly stressful to the women who are accomplishing this feat, holding down a job and being a mom in a steady relationship helps keep women healthy and in good shape, while a career as a...

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Not as Healthy as We Think (Part II)

We recently reported that here in the US, we're not as healthy as we think we are. The British are actually healthier than we are. Now Mike Stobbe writes in that Canadians are healthier than Americans as well. reports that Americans are 42% percent more likely than Canadians to have diabetes, 32% more...

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Not as Healthy as We Think

In the US we tend to think we're fairly healthy. We have plenty of food, as well as access to some of the best physicians in the world. But a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that we're not nearly as healthy as we like to think we are. In fact, the health of the RICHEST American is as bad as that of the...

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Gargling With Water: All You Need to Fight a Cold

Newswise - Daily gargling with plain water will ward off colds. You don't even need to gargle with a disinfectant mouthwash. Just in time for the cold and flu season, Japanese researcher Dr. Kazunari Satomura has discovered that the common cold can be prevented over 30% of the time just by daily gargling with water. Kazunari?s...

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Watching Baseball is Good for Your Health

Newswise - When is a medical emergency really an emergency? Not during key Boston Red Sox games, according to the Children's Hospital in Boston. Using Nielsen ratings, they found that the bigger the game, the quieter the emergency room.

The researchers tracked hourly visit rates at six Boston-area emergency rooms during...

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The Healthiest Towns in the US

We recently reported on the most sinful towns in the US. There's an old adage that says that cleanliness is next to Godliness, but for modern folk, it's easy to be clean, so most of us would substitute "exercise" for "cleanliness." If you believe that exercise is good for you, instead of lying around like a couch potato, then you need to move...

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No Time to Exercise? How About Six Minutes a Week?

According to a new study published in the new issue ofApplied Physiology, six minutes of intense exercise a weekworks as well as six hours. No time to go to the gym? Cutyour workout down to two minutes a day! But use that timewell: Ride as fast as you can on an exercise bike in four30-second bursts of speed.

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100 Ways to Stay Healthy

We don?t know where this originated, but it's too good not to share. If you want to stay healthy, check out these rules. You?ll be surprised to find that you?re already following a lot of them.

1.Grill a steak. You may think it's bad for your heart, but you'd be wrong. Beef contains immunity-boosting selenium as well as homocysteine-...

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Health Drink

Jill McGivering writes in that sick people in Thailand are trying a unique cure. One patient says, "I started drinking my own urine after hearing from a monk that if you have any kind of disease, urine drinking will help."

Her doctor, Dr. Banchob, recommends that patients collect their own urine in the morning and start...

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Our Healthcare is Failing

According to Dr. Floyd Bloom, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the U.S. healthcare system is "in imminent danger of collapse," despite the fact that we spend more on medicine than any other country. He says the system is failing both patients and doctors, and our medical weakness could suddenly become...

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