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The Healing Power of Light

The idea of healing using light energy sounds very "new-age", but the medical profession are beginning to understand that there isan incredible healing power hidden within the light spectrum.

The use of light, especially ultraviolet light, to treat medical conditions is known as "phototherapy". Natural sunlight...
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Germs That Heal Instead of Hurt

Germs can be dangerous or benign, but now scientists are discovering ways that they can help...
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The Pain Problem

In our latest Insight, we post a wise letter from a reader, who gives Whitley some wonderful advice about his pain problem.

Among other things, he suggests that,...
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A Good Reason to Smile

There's nothing like a smile--it's a powerful tool, because it helps us heal. Feeling good usually makes us smile, but...
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Meditation HEALS

Meditation actually HEALS by producing powerful pain-relieving effects in the brain (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show, as well as to a wonderful talk with Echo's interviewer, psychic medium...
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The Healing Clutch

There's the It turns out that there really is such a thing as a Healing Touch (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show). And then there's the healing clutch.

We tend to clutch the injured hand with the other one after one of them has been hurt. We also clutch injured parts of our bodies. A new study shows that this type of self-...

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The Healing Touch

It turns out that there really is such a thing as a Healing Touch (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show). And praying for a sick person may help too. A growing number of medical facilities are utilizing Healing Touch, which is a gentle, noninvasive therapy shown to facilitate the relaxation response to enhance the healing process....

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Psychic Healing Works

Scientists have proved that psychic healing works by havinga healer from India direct healing energy towards seeds in apetri dish. The seeds that received the healer's attentiongrew faster than those in a control group. And when healersdirected energy towards cultured brain cells, they grewfaster. The healing affected random number generators...

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Flash Healing

Tiny flashes of infrared light from LEDs can heal wounds, build muscle, help heal the effects of diabetes and repair blindness?but nobody knows why. LEDs are the tiny, ultra-efficient light-emitting diodes, or bulbs, like the ones found in digital clocks and TV remote controls. Despite being tested by NASA, the Pentagon and hospitals,...

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Hindu Temple Heals Mental Illness

A six-week stay at a Hindu temple in India has produced thesame healing in patients with severe psychiatric disordersas a month-long course of standard drugs. A team led byRamanathan Raguram of the National Institute of MentalHealth and Neurosciences in Bangalore studied 31 people whostayed at the Muthuswamy temple between June and August 2000...

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How Healing Touch Works

For centuries, there have been healers who claim to be able to heal by touch. Now scientists think they?ve discovered the mechanism that makes this work?a natural chemical called immunoglobulin A, which fights invading micro-organisms and diseases.

The act of laying hands on flesh can trigger the release of these disease-fighting...

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