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Can We Google The Secret To Happiness?

There isn't much that you can't find out via Google, but can you really find the secret of "happiness?

Stress and dissatisfaction are common issues in the workplace; in fact, across the world the insidious march of depression's "black dog" is claiming more and more victims. Statistically, depression in the global...
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Halloween Week On Unknown Country: Let's Take A Walk On Our Shadowside...

We are counting down the week to Halloween here at Unknown Country! Whatever your personal beliefs about this archaic and arcane tradition, this is a good time to examine the shadow-sides of our personality and the importance of recognising the purpose of the dark side in each and every one of us.

The term “shadow” was...
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Weekender - The Science of Thanksgiving

TheThanksgiving holiday is a time to reflect upon all of the good things in our lives, and to give thanks for them. Some would argue, however, that our world would be a much better place if 'thanksgiving' became a daily practice rather than a once yearly pursuit, and it appears that science has now found proof to substantiate this viewpoint....
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Fat and Happy

Are you fat and happy? (If you're NOT happy about being fat, you need Anne Strieber's famous diet book!) Scientists have discovered that the major genetic contributor to obesity is also associated with an 8% reduction in depression. In other words, it's...
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We're Hard-Wired for Happiness

Despite all the awful things that happen to human beings during their lifetimes, we seem to be genetically optimistic. When we marry, we never think we'll get divorced. When we get a new job, we don't expect to be fired. And it's...
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Why Some People are Optimists (Despite Everything)

How some people stay positive despite evidence to the contrary has been discovered. Researchers have also discovered how our brains recognize family members (and whether or not recognizing relatives makes you happy depends on your family!)

Some brains are better than others when it comes to processing good news...
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The Happiest Places Produce the Most Suicides

The happiest countries and happiest US states tend to have the most depression and the highest suicide rates. Why would this be?

Recent research has confirmed a little known and seemingly puzzling fact: many happy countries have...
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If Holiday Happiness Eludes You

Having trouble being happy over the holidays? If everyone ELSE seems to be jolly this season, don't worry--you're NOT alone!
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Happy? Healthy!

Here's another reason to go to college (besides the fact that you're more likely to get married): People with a higher education are happier. But this isn't always the case: Meaningful relationships with other people can change this for individuals who do not have a lot of education...
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Why Do We Postpone Pleasure?

As New Year's rolls around again, we should all resolve to be happy. But why do so many of us put off pleasure until the future instead of enjoying ourselves now?

Have recent shocks like 911 (note:subscribers can still listen to this provocative show) and the financial crisis made people think they don't deserve to be happy? Airlines...

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How to Have a Joyful Christmas

Don't try so hard so hard to be happy - It may sound crazy, but it's true: It's the pressure to be happy that often leads to sadness and even depression during the holidays.

Psychologist Samuel Gladding is on a mission to redefine what it means to be "happy" during the holidays, which is why he's challenging the...

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Who's Happy?

An easy way to tell - Social scientists have a hard time trying to measure happiness. Surveys have revealed some useful information, but these are plagued by the fact that people misreport and misremember their feelings. But what if you had a remote-sensing mechanism that could record how millions of people around the world...

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Money Can't Buy It

If you think having loads of money (from a good job?), good looks or the admiration of others will improve your life, think again. A new study shows that these things can actually make you LESS happy.

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It's OK to be a Little Sad (Especially in Times Like These)

?just not TOO MUCH - Scientists think that a little sadness can be useful, but clinical depression is NOT. This is yet another reason why teenagers shouldn't smoke: They could be setting themselves up for depression later in life.

Unlike some other psychologists, Ian Hickie does not think depression is over diagnosed,...

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How to Be Happy This Christmas

In the holiday season's flurry of shopping, gift-giving, parties and celebrations, it's easy for the joy of the season to be lost in heightened anxiety and depression. Despite the recession, we need to remember: Christmas is a reason to be happy.

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Happiness is like a Virus

?it's catching! - Can THIS glass be seen as half full instead of half empty? This Christmas season, remember: laughter can be infectious. You don't need a sophisticated study to tell you that, but nevertheless, there WAS such a study, which looked at nearly 5,000 individuals over a period of 20 years and discovered that one...

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Don't Try to be Happy

Are you happy? Well, don't try to be happier, or you might become less happy. Does that make sense?

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Hate Your Job? Need to Change Your Career?

People looking for jobs that bring satisfaction and happiness should concentrate on professions that focus primarily on serving other people, according to a new report from the University of Chicago, which found clergy to be the happiest and most satisfied of American workers.

Researcher Tom W. Smith says, "The most satisfying jobs are...

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Happy is Healthy

Being happy is healthy, and we recently told you about a map that shows where the world's happiest people live. According to an expert on leisure, "play" is as important to a person's health as keeping cholesterol levels in check and getting regular exercise. And senior citizens seem to be learning this, because a recent study shows that they...

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Happy Map

The way to be happy may be to live in a country where everyone else is happy too. If you live in Denmark, you live in the happiest country in the world. Switzerland, Austria and Iceland are next, in that order. Canada is number 10 and the US is number 23, behind Costa Rica, The Netherlands and Norway.

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How to be Happy

One way to do it is to move to a third-world country. But how can we be happier while staying right where we are?

Psychologist Michael Frisch has discovered that As much as 50% of your happiness is genetic, so it's inherited from your parents. What that means is that we inherit or basic serotonin level. Serotonin is our "happiness...

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Money Really Doesn't Buy Happiness

It may not seem like it to us, but research shows that moneydoesn't buy happiness. Another ongoing controversy iswhether it?s hard on children when their mothers work.Scientists have found this is true?but only for wealthywomen!

On a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 means "not at all satisfiedwith my life" and 7 means "completely satisfied," the...

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Get Happy with Poetry & Pets

Reading poetry is good for your health, just like prayingthe rosary or chanting. Cardiologist Francois Haas says, "Ifthere's a message, it's that our internal rhythms can bemodified by external stimuli."

Randy Dotinga writes in that researchers studied20 healthy men and women, average age 43, who read Homer's"The Odyssey,"...

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How to Find Happiness

If you want to be happy, move to someplace where more people report feeling that way. However, the happiest countries may not be the ones you want to go to. And don't get breast implants, unless you want to become seriously depressed.

An analysis of happiness in more than 65 countries by the World Values Survey shows Nigeria has the...

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