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Before You Eat: Wash Up!

Mom’s advice about washing your hands may finally be starting to get through (it hasn't always been this way!) At least we're getting better: A new study shows that 85% of adults washed their hands in public restrooms, compared with 77% in 2007. The 85% total was actually the highest observed since these studies began in 1996. In a separate...
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How to Succeed in Math

No matter what kind of school you go to (and even if you're home schooled), you have to take math. Scientists have known for a long time that movements help us remember things. New research shows that gesturing helps students develop new ways of understanding mathematics.

This is the first time research has shown that gestures not only...

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Washing: Why?

We all know that we should wash our hands often, and here's a new reason WHY.

Don't you wish everyone washed their hands after going to the bathroom? (YOU do, don't you?) BBC News found that more than one in four subway and bus commuters has bacteria from feces on their hands. Researchers discovered this when they swabbed over 400 people...

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To Remember More, Use Your Hands

There are lots of good reasons to use your hands, and kids with a certain finger length do better on tests. Now there's ANOTHER reason that hands are important for learning. Ever forget where you parked the car? It's a trick that works for adults too.

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Women: Watch Your Fingers

The difference between the lengths of a man's index and ring fingers indicates whether or not a man is good at sports, but now scientists have found this is true for women too. Researchers have also discovered that the length of a man's index finger is an indicator of the length of his penis.

If you have a longer ring finger than index...

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Why Hand Washing is So Important

The cold and flu season is arriving fast, and with it comes the usual fears, of toilet seats and dirty kitchens. As we see people coughing and sneezing all around us, we often forget that the simplest remedies are often the best.

The Soap and Detergent Association (yes, there is such an organization) issues regular Clean Hands report...

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