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At Least There Was No Tsunami

The recent earthquake in Haiti was caused by an underwater earthquake. Thankfully, it did not cause a tsunami (giant wave), but scientists would like to know how to detect these waves before they hit, so that lives can be saved by moving people to higher ground.

Tsunamis are created by a large displacement of water resulting from...

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Buried in the Rubble in Haiti

FOUND by Tweeters in Boston! - According to the US Geological Society (USGS), the magnitude-7 earthquake of January 12 near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has generated a sharp increase in concerns about the potential for future earthquakes in Haiti and the surrounding region. The aftershocks will continue for months if not years in...

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What is Haitian Religion?

Find out in the Dreamland archive. - Since the recent earthquake, there has been much commentary that Haitian religion is "devil worship." Both Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh have gone on the record saying the the Haitians were punished by God for being devil worshipers. However, the Haitian religion of Vodou is actually an...

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