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Mummies Had Hair Problems Too

We all have trouble getting our hair to do what we want it to, and it turns out the ancient Egyptians did too: they used hair gel.
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Hair Turned White? TURN IT BACK!

This happened to Whitley: Sometimes illness or shock can cause your hair to turn white overnight. Now there may be a way to reverse this process.

German researchers recreated a naturally-occurring molecule called K(D)PT, which is similar to the hormones that stimulate melanin, which controls skin and hair color. When they treated hair...

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Should Black Hair be Straightened?

Professor of Afro-American studies Neal Lester has started a campaign against hair straightening for blacks. After marrying a white woman from Argentina and having a baby girl, Lester began to realize that chemical hair straightening was in his young daughter's future?unless he did something about it.

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Your Hair Reveals Your Secrets

?Or at least where you've been. Researchers have now learnedthat they can track criminals and terrorists by analyzing asingle hair.

Anna Gosline writes in New Scientist that researchersmeasure the ratios of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in thehair. These isotopes, absorbed into the body from water, aredifferent in different areas....

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Get a Haircut

A Vietnamese man hasn't had a hair cut in 31 years. He's hoping to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest hair in the world. How does hair look when you put off getting a haircut for that long? His twenty-foot-long hair is matted in a thick rope that does not look attractive, perhaps because the last time he washed...

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Blondes are Dying Out

A study by German scientists shows that people with blonde hair are an endangered species and will become extinct by 2202. Soon only the bottle blondes will remain, because too few people now carry the recessive gene for blonde hair. In order for a child to have blonde hair, it must receive the right gene from both sides of the family in the...

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