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Who Were the Neanderthals?

Did they interbreed with Cro-Magnons in order to create modern humans? This is a hotly debated topic in science right now, and popular...
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Graham Hancock on Tour in the US!

If you live in California, Seattle, New York City or the Denver/Boulder area, you will have a rare opportunity to meet author Graham Hancock in October. His most famous book is Fingerprints of the Gods. He will be talking about his new book Supernatural, which is the basis for Anne Strieber's beloved diary about the Green Man. We will soon post...

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Graham Hancock at Conference in US in November

British author Graham Hancock, author of Talisman, Underworld, Heaven's Mirror, Fingerprints of the Gods and, most recently, Supernatural will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge that will take place November 11-12 at the Hilton Hotel in Sedona, Arizona. To get tickets and learn more click here.

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