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New Invasions: Monster Crabs and Stinking Goo

Monster crabs are invading again! Huge crabs have invaded the Antarctic, wiping out local wildlife and ruining ecosystems that have evolved over 14 million years. Three years ago, researchers predicted that as the deep waters of the ...
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It's Time to Test that Mysterious Mass

The mysterious Alaskan slime has been identified as eggs. A sample of the "goo" has been taken to a NOAA laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina for analysis. NOAA spokeswoman Julie Speegle says, "We'll probably find some clues, but we'll likely...
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Mysterious Alaska Slime Indentified

This isn't the first case of a mysterious goo that we've heard of. This time, the results are as big a mystery as the slime itself. In the Inuit village of Kivalina in Alaska, a strange orange goo was floating on the water.

The next day it rained, and residents found...
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Mysterious Goo!

Something thick and gooey (a mysterious substance that has yet to be identified) is floating in the Arctic waters off Alaska. The Coast Guard has collected samples to test, but still haven't discovered what it is.

In the Anchorage Daily News, Don Hunter quotes Coast Guard officer Terry Hasenauer as saying, "It's certainly biological. It'...

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