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Why Most People are Religious

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to religion, and in the US, around 80% of adults say they belong to an organized religion. Psychologists, sociologists and neurologists are still trying to figure out why some people...
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Intuition Leads to God

Do you hear a distant melody that nobody else can hear? Intuition may lead people...
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We've heard of images of the Virgin on the screen door, but?

Weekend reading - In the Muslim country of Nigeria, a man was eating a piece of meat in a restaurant when he noticed the letters "Allah," the Muslim name for God, spelled out in the gristle. When the kitchen was searched, 3 more pieces were found with same lettering.

BBC News quotes veterinarian Yakubu Dominic as saying...

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Where Do Our Brains Experience God?

Scientists are speculating about whether or not our brains are programmed to have a belief in God. New studies show that, contrary to earlier opinion, we do not have a single God spot in the brain that is responsible for spiritual enlightenment. Instead, a group of different brain regions work together to bring people what they describe as...

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Ancient Gods Worshipped Again

Greek computer scientist Vasillis Tsantilas has won a lawsuit that will allow pagans to again worship ancient gods such as Zeus, Hermes and Athena. Before this, all religions except Christianity, Judaism and Islam had been banned in Greece.

Helena Smith reports in the Guardian that Tsantilas, who is a computer scientist, came to paganism...

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Belief in God Inherited

Belief in God can literally be carried in your DNA, meaningyou inherit it from your parents. While environmentalfactors, such as taking kids to church or placing them inreligious schools, plays a part in whether children believein God, new research into the so-called God gene shows thatif you still believe when you're an adult, it's in...

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Scientist Wins Top Religion Prize

U.S. scientist Charles Townes, who in 1964 won the NobelPrize for physics, has won another award, which will pay himover $150,000 for his efforts to advance spiritualknowledge. How can one man win two such different prizes?He's discovered what we've been saying here atunknowncountry for years: the reason we don't understandthings as diverse as...

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God Music

Uri Harel has produced what he calls "Music from God," which consists of compositions mathematically derived from the original Hebrew text of the Bible. Harel believes the Bible contains many layers of meaning, and that one of those layers is music.

He says, "We made an astonishing discovery of encoded music in the original Hebrew text...

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You Might Get What You Ask For

A congregation in Ohio heard their preacher ask for a sign from God just before their church was struck by lightning. It struck the steeple, then hit the preacher himself when it traveled through electrical wiring to his microphone. "It was awesome, just awesome," says church member Ronnie Cheney. "He was asking for a sign and he got one."...

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Is God All in Our Heads?

Rhawn Joseph thinks there's a genetic, neurological basis for religious belief and spiritual experience?that God is all in our heads. He believes homo sapiens have evolved the ability to experience God through the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped structure buried deep in the brain. This is in the most primitive part of the brain, where emotions...

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Find God in a Magnet

Scientists have done experiments to make people believe they?ve felt the presence of God by exposing them to a specific series of pulses from TMS magnetism. The subjects described feeling an invisible presence near them or feeling connected to the whole world. Researchers think naturally occurring magnetism could be behind mystical and...

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The God Prize

Faye Flam writes in the Philadelphia Inquirer that investment tycoon Sir John Templeton is giving out grants worth a total of $1 million to 15 scientists to look for proof that God exists. These scientists, many with international reputations, have spent their careers studying the Big Bang, the origin of stars and galaxies, the fundamental...

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Words in Celebration of God and Man

"In this difficult time," Whitley Strieber states in the introduction to this new addition to our audio files, "we would like to make part of our website a place of refuge."

He has selected a group of readings, ranging from a four thousand five hundred year old Egyptian poem to the Koran, the Bible and the Baghavad Gita, as sources of...

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