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Seed Wars

The US is threatening nations that want to ban Monsanto's genetically-modified seeds with trade sanctions. This includes some of our major Western trading partners, such as France, which has banned the planting of the aggressive GM Starlink variety of corn...
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Major Company Targeted for GM Foods

Kraft Foods is the biggest U.S. food maker, with brands that include Oscar Mayer meats and Philadelphia cream cheese. The company has become the target of Genetically Engineered Food Alert, a Washington-based group which opposes the use of genetically engineered ingredients in commercial foods.

This group was responsible for the...

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GM Crops Creating ?Rogue Weeds?

Genetically-modified crops in Canada are creating new kinds of weeds, as herbicide-resistant oilseed rape crops cross-breed at the edge of fields. The weeds are accumulating extra genes and are rapidly becoming resistant to chemical sprays. This could lead to rogue GM weeds that are harder to control.

Canadian farmers are advised to...

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