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Unknowncountry Weekender: Does the Horrible Weather Herald a New Ice Age?

This winter's weather broke or equaled snowfall and low temperature records across the United States, and led to epochal flooding in the United Kingdom where the government, working on the theory that climate change isn't happening, had over the previous 5 years cancelled 45 flood control projects. So what DID happen, and does the event qualify as...
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Weekender: Will Global Warming Result in "Endless Winter?"

Winter has held North America and Northern Europe in a relentless grip for months, and scientists are saying that we may have to get used to experiencing such prolonged periods of bad weather. Recent research presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Chicago suggests that this is...
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The Why of This Brutal Winter

As predicted on's Climate Watch last fall, this is proving to be a winter of extraordinary fury both in the United States and Europe. England is experiencing the worst flooding in 250 years, and winter records are being broken all across the United States. Meanwhile the Austral summer is entering the record books because of its...
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UN Says We're Behind Global Warming--but All is Not as Expected

A recent study by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that global warming is not a natural phenomena, but caused directly by the impact of human greenhouse gas production. But how this is affecting climate is still open to question, as the report also states that temperatures have not...
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The Mystery of Global Warming: What Happened to It?

According to scientific expectation, the hottest year on record should have been the most recent year. In fact, the hottest year of the 20th Century was 1998, and since then temperatures have risen only about .02 degrees Fahrenheit. And yet, between 2000 and 2010 human activity has emitted 110 billion tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into...
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Current Solar Max Quietest in Century: What Does This Mean for Our Weather?

Back in 2011, the sun was so quiet that researchers were speculating that it might be entering a long term period of lowered output. Now that the current solar max has reached its climactic months and is proving to be...
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Lowest Mid-Latitude Temps in Years as Arctic Heats Up

The spring of 2013 will be the coolest in 50 years in the British...
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Dinosaur Farts Changed Prehistoric Climate

Sauropod dinosaurs could have produced enough of the greenhouse gas methane to warm the climate 150 million years ago, at a time when the earth was warm and wet. Does this mean, now that humans rule the planet, we should avoid eating beans?
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