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Massive Glacier in Rapid Meltdown Could Raise Seas to Unprecedented Levels

A recent study has indicated that the Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland is experiencing a rapid melt that threatens to raise sea levels by up to one centimeter.

The glacier, which is thought to have yielded the iceberg that ended the Titanic's fated voyage, has begun to melt at an alarming rate, about four times faster than it was...
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ANOTHER Reason Why Those Melting Glaciers May be Dangerous

They release GERMS! - Those pristine-looking Alpine glaciers now melting as global warming sets in may explain the mysterious increase in persistent organic pollutants in sediment from certain lakes since the 1990s, despite decreased use of those compounds in pesticides, electric equipment, paints and other products. Could this...

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Glaciers Melting Faster Than We Thought

A new study shows that glaciers in Alaska are melting evenfaster than we thought. Anthony Arendt of the University ofAlaska used laser altimetry to measure the changes in volumeof 67 Alaskanglaciers over four decades. "Glaciers in Alaska seem to bethinning from the mid-1950s to the mid-1990s," he says. Therate of thinning doubled between the...

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Melting Glaciers for Water

Pakistan has such a desperate drought that it is considering melting glaciers in order to get water. The government has asked the national weather office to look into the possibility of melting the glaciers in the northern mountains of the country.

"We have not yet completed our study, but we have now gathered that, yes, practically...

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