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Weekender: Mysteries of the Pyramids Revealed?

The pyramids of Egypt are some of the most fascinating and enigmatic structures on the planet; to date the secret of their unique construction has yet to be determined.

The pyramids were built using massive blocks of stone, and one of the most unfathomable mysteries is how the early Egyptians managed to transport the blocks across...
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The Impact of Ancient Sounds

Why did ancient peoples, without modern construction equipment, struggle so hard to build huge monuments? These monumental structures are found all over the world, from Easter Island to the pyramids of Egypt. Recent research suggests that they all have a common characteristic: they may have been specially designed to conduct and...
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MORE Secrets Discovered in Giza Pyramid

A robot camera has revealed markings inside tunnels beneath the Giza Plateau that have remained unseen for at least 4,500 years. The hieroglyphic symbols are in red paint and may have been made by masons when the chamber was being built, as sort of a "blueprint" written right on the stones.

On, Nuala Calvi quotes...
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Conspiracy at Giza?

In his controversial new Insight, Egypt expert Andrew Collins, who is a frequent guest on Dreamland (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) explains what is behind recent accusations of conspiracy regarding artifacts found at Giza.

If you love conspiracy, don't miss Jim Marrs at this year's Dreamland Festival!

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Dreamland Pyramid Special Tonight

Tonight, Dreamland features a special on pyramids. Christopher Dunn, the author of the Giza Power Plant will be with us to discuss some remarkable findings from his latest trip to Egypt. The later, John De Salvo, director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association will describe the extensive research into pyramids that's being done in...

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