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Halloween Special: Could your house be haunted?

Halloween Special: Could your house be haunted?

You've been hearing bumps and unexplained footsteps in the middle of the night, or get the feeling that someone is watching you, but when you turn round there is nobody there. The door opens or closes on its own, the dog is behaving strangely, or you keep having the same dream over and over again. You can smell pipe smoke, but no one in the...
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Come Say Hello to the Dead

A surprising number of people see ghosts, and sometimes even have physical contact with them. One hairdresser saw her dead customer, who told her, "Nina, I can't stay long. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for...
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Ghost Hunting

More ghosts seem to be lurking in the U.K. than anywhereelse, perhaps because more ghost hunters are looking forthem there. Ghost hunter David Wharmby believes anyone cansee them and says, "Everybody is born with a psychicability. It's just up to you whether you use it or not."

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'Ghost' Photographed in Ancient Castle

Hampton Court Palace in the U.K., where Henry VIII used to live, has closed-circuit security cameras that recently picked up the image of a ghost?which may be Henry himself. "We're baffled too?it's not a joke, we haven't manufactured it," says spokeswoman Vikki Wood. "We genuinely don't know who it is or what it is."

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If He Builds It, Will They Come?

Ghost researcher Richard Wiseman plans to build a "haunted house" in the English countryside. It won't be haunted until it has ghosts, of course, but he thinks if he builds it the right way?with many rooms and staircases, creaking floors and lots of drafts?ghosts will soon take up residence there.

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Ghost Cops

Ghosts are haunting a police station in Kentucky and a government building in Australia. Kentucky cops are experiencing the usual strange ghostly phenomena, but in Australia, they're seeing the apparition of a nun.

In Shelbyville, Kentucky, cops hear mysterious footsteps on the stairs, see doorknobs turning with no one on the other side...

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Ghostly Message in a Bottle

Roger Clay died in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago, at the age of 21, but his parents received one last message from him?in a note he put in a bottle and dropped in the ocean in 1984, when he was 7 years old. A man in St. Petersburg, Florida found the bottle this week and returned it to his mother.

Clay was 7 years old and on vacation...

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Hauntings are Real?but Ghosts Aren't?

According to psychologists, ghosts are the mind's way of interpreting how the body reacts to certain surroundings. A chill in the air, low-light conditions and magnetic fields have long been associated with hauntings. Now researchers think these things may be what "create" ghosts, by triggering feelings that "a presence" is in a room.

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How to Hunt Ghosts

How do ghost hunters search for ghosts, and what do they look for? Members of the Washington State Ghost Society visited a bed and breakfast near Tacoma called Thornewood Castle after they heard reports of spontaneously breaking glass and a rug that moves to one side of the hallway on its own. Completed in 1911, Thornewood was the setting for...

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Ghostly Car Crashes

England is much more haunted than the U.S. In one town, residents believe a ghost is to blame for a series of accidents on a nearby road. They think the ghost from a road accident 60 years ago could be haunting a stretch of road near Bromyard in Herefordshire. A farmer says 26 drivers have crashed into his fence in the same place over the last...

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Ghost House: Not Haunted, Just Occupied

Ghost hunter Michael Lynch describes a haunted house as, "Not haunted, just occupied." He's spent his spare time for the last 10 years investigating paranormal activity with a team of ghost hunters from St. Louis called Para-Vision. They?re one of the first groups to develop cameras that can videotape ghosts.

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Hauntings Here and Abroad

Near Joplin, Missouri, there's a mysterious Spook Light that dates back to 1886 and has been described as a bobbing and weaving ball of light, about the size of a basketball. It sometimes splits and divides, and may be white, yellow, orange, red or purple. Armed with night vision video cameras, a Geiger counter, and a negative ion detector, the...

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Ghosts--They're Still Around

You don't have to "believe" in ghosts to run into them. In Virginia, Indian ghosts regularly appear on the newly-opened Pocahontas Parkway. One truck driver recently saw three of them. "The truck driver came through and said he saw [three] Indians in the middle of the highway lined up by the woods, each of them holding a torch," says a parkway...

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Searching for Ghosts in San Francisco

There?s real ghost detecting going on in San Francisco, butLoyd Auerbach doesn?t want to bust them, he just wants toget proof that they exist.

The Presidio, a former military post which is now part ofthe Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is known for beinghaunted. Mia Andrade, who manages the Lost Ladle Caf

NOTE: This...

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Ghosts in the White House

The White House seems haunted lately. ?I?ve been here 11 years and I?ve never seen anything like it,? says Vickie Agler, a former legislator who now serves as assistant to the House speaker. ?There are some bizarre things going on.?

There has been a drug bust on the Capitol steps and a flasher roaming the grounds. Senator Ken Chlouber?s...

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Little Ghostlies for Halloween Fun

Cellphones Drown Out Ghosts.

Tony Cornell, of the Society for Psychical Research, says reports of ghost sightings started to decline when mobile phones were introduced 15 years ago. ?Ghost sightings have remained consistent for centuries. Until three years ago we?d receive reports of two new ghosts every week,? he says. ?But with the...

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