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Tornado Spreads Genitically Modified Seeds Far and Wide

A tornado in Canada cut through fields filled with genetically modified canola plants. ?The tornado actually picked up the canola plants and actually wrapped them around these trees,? says farmer Vic Martens. The seeds from that crop were blown into other canola fields up to 6 ? miles away, raising new concerns about the uncontrolled spread of...

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GM Canola Becomes Uncontrollable Weed

Genetically engineered canola has become an uncontrollable weed just months after Monsanto and other manufacturers of genetically engineered seeds claimed that this would not happen. And because the plant was engineered to resist herbicides, it?s tough to kill. ?The GM canola has, in fact, spread much more rapidly than we thought it would,?...

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Corn Dogs Contaminated with GM Corn

Meatless corn dogs have been recalled from grocery shelves by the Kellogg Company, after they were found to contain genetically engineered corn not approved for human consumption.

The environmental group Greenpeace announced that it had detected StarLink corn in corn dogs manufactured by Worthington Foods, a subsidiary of Kellogg, that...

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