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Think Plagues Are Past History? Think Again... Now We Are Creating Our Own

West Africa is currently being assailed by the worst outbreak of Ebola virus ever recorded. As of 17th July, World Health Organisation (WHO) reports indicated that out of more than 1048 confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, 632 people had fallen victim to the deadly disease, and its rapid spread across the...
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Scientists Creating Human Hybrids in Unregulated Genetic Engineering Programmes

When most people think of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, pictures of pest-hardy soya beans spring to mind, yet the true implications of this term are not widely considered.

Though the consumption of GMOs is a subject for debate in itself, there are other, less obvious areas in which other...

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MERS Goes Global in 18 Countries: Was It Originally Engineered to be Race-Specific?

The new SARS-like virus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection (MERS), is spreading across the planet, and the World Health Organisation has labelled it a "threat to the entire world."

The virus, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) originally said would never pose a threat outside the Middle East, has...
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Is Monsanto Evil?

Read the new Insight piece, ?Monsanto?Is It the Most Evil Company on Earth?? and decide for yourself. To read the article,click here.

To learn more about the dangers of genetically-modified foods, read ?Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers? by Ronnie Cummins and Ben Lilliston,click here.


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Follow GM Ice Cream with GM Mouthwash

Ice cream researchers have come up with an additive to eliminate the grainy texture that ice cream gets when it sits in the freezer too long. The ingredient is a wheat protein that blocks the formation of the large, rectangular-shaped crystals that ruin the texture of ice cream.

Douglas Goff and his colleagues at the University of Guelph...

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Insight:GM Foods

The Institute of Science in Society has published a study suggesting that, when given a choice, even mice refuse to eat genetically engineered foods. To read this new Insight article,click here. To learn more about genfoods, read Genetically Engineered Food by Ronnie Cummins and Ben Lilliston.

NOTE: This news story, previously...

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