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The Limitless Mind: Scientists Discover Mind Power Can Alter Genetic Structure

We may believe that our genetic programming is a permanent factor in our physical state of being, yet more and more research is proving that our genes can in fact be altered by complex interactions between genetics, our environment, diet and lifestyle.

Those are physical factors, but could genes really be influenced by mind power?...
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You Can Choose Your Friends But They Could Be Your Family

You can choose your friends but not your family, so the old saying goes. But do we really choose them, or are we genetically pre-disposed to connect with the people in our friendship groups?

People who like to consider their close friends as family may not be too far wrong, according to a new study from the University of California,...
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Your Stress Response can become a Genetic Legacy

Scientists are discovering that chronic stress can alter gene expression, and consequently "stress", or our body's response to it, can be passed down through generations as an unwanted legacy from our predecessors.
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Uknowncountry Weekender: Life Experiences are Passed Down in Our Genes

A startling new study has answered a huge question: do our life experiences enter our genetic code? The incredible answer is, 'yes.' Your likes, dislikes and prejudices--you may think they originated with your own life experiences, but most of them came from your ancestors, via your GENES. Life experiences not only affect your genes, your mother's...
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We're Mutating!

At least our genes are. The Nature website reports that establishing the age of each mutation in contemporary human populations is important to fully understand our evolutionary history and will help to us to develop new medicines for diseases caused by genes.

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Being Bullied Changes Your Kid's Genes

Does this explain the kind of thing that went on at Columbine?

A recent study suggests that bullying by peers changes the structure surrounding a gene involved in regulating mood, making victims more vulnerable to mental health...
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Evolution: It's in Our Genes

Homo sapiens (modern humans) appeared approximately 180,000 years ago, but stayed in one location around bodies of water in central Africa for almost 100,000 years, before they dispersed throughout the rest of the world. This is why...
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We Vote With Our Genes

Which candidate you vote for may depend more on your biological make-up than a careful analysis of issues, because the brains of self-identified Democrats and Republicans are hard-wired...
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How Cat Colors Affect YOUR Genes

Figuring out how cat coloration comes about could help scientists understand our immune system's resistance to infectious diseases.

On, Joe Palca quotes researcher Stephen O'Brien as saying that they're trying to explain why "some cats are spotted, some cats...
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Are We Controlled by Our Genes?

It's actually the opposite: A new study demonstrates that our genes are controlled by our culture and environment.

Here's an example: In the Wall Street Journal, Matt Ridley writes: "All mammals can digest lactose sugars in milk as babies, but the lactase gene switches off at weaning when no longer needed. In much of Europe and...
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Why Men are So Impulsive

Addiction and impulsivity are genetically linked together in men. This gene has already been linked to smoking, alcoholism and obesity. One gene, called NRXN3, is causing men A LOT of problems!

In, Stephanie Pappas quotes psychologist Scott...
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Why You're Really a Racist

Everyone’s a little bit racist, but it may not be your fault. A research team thinks our culture may be partially to blame. And another team of researchers has found that the perception of race can be altered by cues to social status as simple as the clothes a person wears.

In one experiment, participants were asked to...
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Old Sinners Picked the Right Parents

People may be getting sick and dying at a younger age than they used to, although some people seem to have found the legendary Fountain of Youth. But people who live...
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Math Ability: It's Genetic

We accept that some people are born with a talent for music or art or athletics. But what about mathematics? Prime numbers (numbers that cannot be divided by anything other than one or themselves) are all around us,...
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What Makes an Athlete?

As the baseball season winds down and the football season is poised (hopefully) to begin, it's interesting to think about why some people become professional athletes and others don't. It's not just a matter of talent and determination--it also involves having the right GENES. In other words, what's more important: nature or nurture?
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Are Criminals Born or Made?

Forensic scientists are discovering that DNA and "genetic markers" can predict who will--or will--turn to a life of crime. If this is true, it portends a frightening future where we give infants DNA swabs, then decide whether to watch them (or even incarcerate them) for the rest of their lives. Since more black men are jailed in the US...
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Your Genes are PREHISTORIC

Our minds may be modern but our genes are prehistoric, which is the reason we have so much trouble losing weight! In addition to fast food, desk jobs, and inertia, there is one more thing to blame for unwanted pounds-our genome, which has apparently not caught up with...
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Don't Exercise, Tweak Your Genes

In the future, you may be able to forgo exercise and still stay healthy, by having your genes tweaked instead. By tweaking a single gene, scientists have mimicked in sedentary mice the heart-strengthening effects of two weeks of endurance...
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Sleep is in Your Genes, Too

Since your voting habits are genetic, it shouldn't be surprising that your sleep habits are too. Ever wonder why some people breeze along on four hours of sleep when others can barely function? It may be in...
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Will We Soon Be Able to Create Life?

Only God can create life?or will we soon be able to do ittoo? Roland Pease writes for BBC that for the first time,U.S. researchers have created a form of artificial life.Their creation is nothing more than a group of crudebiological cells at the moment, but this could be the firststep in creating real life.

They made the cell walls from...

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Hate Broccoli? Smoke Cigarettes? It's All Genetic

You may be able to blame some of your unhealthy habits on our genes. Everyone has one of two genes that cause them to either taste, or not taste, a certain bitter substance. The ability to taste these substances developed long ago, to protect people living in places where bitter tastes were a way to identify poisons. Today, the ability to taste?or...
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Love the Beach? Hate Snow? It's Genetic

Maybe you like warm weather and hate the cold, or maybe you feel great during a brisk winter day. Scientists think that whether you'll be happier in Florida or Vermont is encoded in your genes. And if you're living in the wrong climate for your genetic makeup, it can make you get fat.

Geneticist Douglas Wallace found that these genes are...

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Gene Manipulation Doubles Life Span

Scientists have been able to double the life spans of fruit flies by manipulating one of their genes. Someday soon, they may be able to do it for us. Scientists have named the gene INDY for "I?m Not Dead Yet."

Flies with a mutation in the INDY gene have lived for 71 to 110 days, more than twice as long as their usual life span of 37 days...

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