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Athletes Coming OUT

Gay athletes are coming OUT of the locker room in more ways that one: The National Hockey League has announced support of gay athletes. The National Football League is working with gay advocacy groups to smooth the...
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Gaydar is Instinctive

Gaydar is the ability to "sense" whether or not someone is gay. While it can be used to reinforce a person's animosity towards homosexuals, it can also save someone time--it's no use flirting with someone of the other sex who is only interested in...
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Gays Becoming Accepted as Regular Folks

Mixed marriages are becoming more accepted and polls show that most people support gay marriage as well. Is it time to come out of the...
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Soldier Stress

Noncombatant military personnel do not engage in direct combat with the enemy during war, but they still face trauma that elevates their risk for developing combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Noncombatants’ trauma exposure may actually put them at GREATER risk of developing PTSD than their counterparts on the front lines....
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