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Why Gayness is Genetic

Is homosexuality genetic? It's a long-running debate. This is an important question, because if this was proven (and accepted by lawyers and lawmakers), then discrimination against gays, such as state bans on gay marriage...
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Gaydar is Instinctive

Gaydar is the ability to "sense" whether or not someone is gay. While it can be used to reinforce a person's animosity towards homosexuals, it can also save someone time--it's no use flirting with someone of the other sex who is only interested in...
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Is it Time to Come Out of the Closet?

Scientists have long tried to figure out why some people are gay. Despite certain religious and political statements to the contrary, it's well known that people are born with this predilection, and not only that--it's a "spectrum," like autism, meaning that some people...
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A Gay Gene

Newswise - Scientists have looked in vain for years for a gay gene, andnow a researcher may have finally found one. By searchingthe entire human genome for genetic markers for male sexualorientation, he has identified several areas that appear toinfluence whether a man is heterosexual or homosexual.

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8% of Sheep are Gay?is it the Same with Us?

Researchers are studying gay sheep to try to figure out if homosexuality has a biological origin. They've discovered that certain groups of cells are different in a part of the sheep's brain that controls sexual behavior. Charles E. Roselli says, "This particular study, along with others, strongly suggests that sexual preference is biologically...

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