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With the Right Fuel, We Can ZOOM

MORE UPDATES - When it comes to avoiding war in the Middle East and solving the global warming problem, Hydrogen fuel could be the breakthrough we need?if we can only figure out a way to contain it in an automobile gas tank. Hydrogen particles are so tiny that they leak out, but now researchers think they have finally found a...

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Oil Shortage? Use Antimatter!

We've been writing stories about using hydrogen fuel in order to get past the oil shortage and avoid the pollution that comes with burning fossil fuels. But hydrogen is only the start?what we REALLY need is to run our engines with antimatter! But almost every fuel has its downside, and antimatter is no exception.

Bill Steigerwald reports...

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Gas Shortage Savior?Oil from Plankton?

Some researchers have already suggested that we burn grass in our cars instead of fossil fuel. But while grass seems to be everywhere, plankton is actually one of the most common types of vegetation on earth?although it's actually in the ocean. A Spanish company says it has solved the oil shortage problem by creating plankton that will...

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If We Could Only Run Our Cars on Coal...

Will there be a gas shortage in our future?or not? One thing we DO know is that here in the US, we have plenty of coal?but burning coal causes terrible pollution. And there's no way to use it to run cars?or is there?

Bjorn Carey writes in that scientists say that there is a way to change coal into diesel fuel that can be...

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