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Oil From Air

A small British company has developed a process that produces gasoline from water vapor and carbon dioxide. The only thing it needs to make this incredible transformation is air.
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There is No Oil Shortage

So why are gas prices so high? High international oil prices are bad news for everyone--even for oil-producing countries. People who have to pay $4 for a gallon of gas don't have money to spend on other things, and eventually even gas consumption goes down, as people turn to other modes of transportation. For a long time, it was assumed that...
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Will Gas Prices Go Up or Down?

First they were high, now they're low?what's predicted for the future? What plans should we make for the holiday season if we want to drive to visit friends and family?

Engineer Peter Clark thinks that gasoline prices will continue to drop. He says, "The price of oil has dropped into the $60 to $70 a barrel range, and therefore there is...

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How to Avoid High Gas Prices

What if you could simply plug your SUV into an outlet in your garage every night, instead of filling it up with expensive gasoline? Two Georgia drivers have figured out how to do just that. And a Canadian man is touring Alaska in a solar-powered car.

A New Hampshire man who has created a company that sells parts, so you can do your own...

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To Save on Fuel, Redesign Trucks

?or use pig poop instead of diesel - With the lack of rail roads, most of the long-distance hauling that needs to be done in the US is done by trucks, and truckers are chafing at high gas prices. One problem is that big trucks, unlike cars, are not aerodynamic?there hasn't been a major design change in years.


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How to REALLY Save on Gas

Run your car on cooking oil, add a plug to your Prius - In the quest to be "green" and save money on gas, people are trying all sorts of desperate measures. One man drives a Prius, but that's not enough for him?he found a way to convert it into a plug-in hybrid! And next time your gas tank is on empty, maybe you should fill it...

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A Surprising New Fuel

Greenhouse gases are reaching dangerous levels and oil prices are at their highest, so we desperately need a new, non-polluting fuel. We may eventually need to mine Helium 3 from the moon, but until we can get there and start shoveling it up from the surface, we need to figure out how to transport it efficiently back to Earth. In the meantime,...

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