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The Evolution of Gambling

The history of life on Earth is still a mystery: Bacteria have been around for about 3 billion years, but for most of this time they had had the Earth to themselves. Seaweed, jellyfish-like creatures, sponges and worms arrived a few million years before the Cambrian period began, over 500 million years ago.

But 200 million years ago...
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Gamble the Scientific Way (Before the Weather Throws You Out)

While Hurricane Sandy shuts down Atlantic City, it's worth pondering this: Whether you gamble in Las Vegas or at an Indian Casino, you know that winning is...
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How to Control Your Roll

In Las Vegas, Atlantic City and on Indian Reservations, people throw dice and take their chances. Researchers have spotted something predictable in the seemingly random throw of the dice. By applying chaos...
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When Monks Misbehave

We all misbehave at times, but we think of monks as being above all that, since they are supposedly more ascetic than the ordinary man. However, secret video footage shows monks from a Buddhist temple in South Korea...
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Why people (and pigeons) always go for broke

Some people think that if we ignore the presence of ghosts (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), we're gambling with our lives. Psychologists say that the human logic (or illogic) behind gambling is quite complex, because the concept of odds is too great (and scary?) for many human minds to comprehend. There's also the influence of...

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Is Gambling Unhealthy?

We know that you can lose your money, but is gambling also bad for your health? A new study finds that people who gamble at least five times a year have more health problems than people who gamble less frequently.

People with a severe gambling addiction are the most likely to report serious health problems, such as increased heart rate,...

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