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Botox for Gamblers

Who needs to keep a straight face and not reveal their emotions? Poker players! Despite sometimes unintended consequences, a doctor is betting that poker players are going to be the next...
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How to Control Your Roll

In Las Vegas, Atlantic City and on Indian Reservations, people throw dice and take their chances. Researchers have spotted something predictable in the seemingly random throw of the dice. By applying chaos...
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Maybe You Don't Really Want to Win the Lottery

In this tougheconomy, the allure of buying lottery tickets seems like apretty enticing way to erase financial problems. But newresearch shows that people who won between $50,000 and$150,000 did not solve their debt problems and onlypostponed bankruptcy.

Mid-level lottery winners did not pay off their debt orincrease equity in new or...

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Casino Danger

More than just losing your money! - Smoking and drinking go together, and gambling? That too. And new research suggests that casino workers face a higher risk of heart disease and lung cancer because they work in buildings filled with tobacco smoke.

By one scientist's calculation, six of every 10,000 nonsmoking casino...

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A Casino?in a Research Lab?

These days, in a lab at a university, you can experience the flashing lights and melodious sounds of a one-armed bandit being played, as scientists study gambling addiction.

University of North Dakota sychologist Jeff Weatherly says, "We have a unique opportunity in this state because, to my knowledge, it is the only state that allows...

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Going to Vegas for the holidays?

If you're thinking about doing away with yourself (and we hope you're NOT!), it turns out there's only one place to go. We all assume that anyone who commits suicide has a good reason to do so, yet many people who are in the same dire straits opt to stay alive and face their problems. The difference may be a new discovery that the brains of...

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Gamble the SCIENTIFIC Way

Lots of people visit Las Vegas during the holidays. If you must gamble, do it the SCIENTIFIC way. But is it possible to do this?

According to psychologists, the more people gamble, the more likely they are to mistakenly believe they can increase their chances at winning through some form of skill or luck, but it doesn't work that way....

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