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Ultra-Thin Wearable Devices Could Provide Us with Removable Electronic Tattoos

One important aspect in the evolution of electronics is the continued miniaturization of our devices: we now have devices that can be kept in one's pocket that are more powerful than the massive supercomputers from a mere thirty years ago. While the mobility of our electronic abacuses have allowed them to become more and more convenient,...
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Stephen Hawking warns that We Must Leave Earth

Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has stated a warning to humankind: , in light of all of the potential events that could spell the extinction of the human species, we must find a way to migrate into space. Citing numerous potential extinction events that could occur over the next few thousand years, both environmental and man-made,...
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Hitachi Says It Can Predict Crime Before It Happens

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has announced that they have developed computer software that can predict crime before it happens. While this announcement sounds more like it was taken from a story about a dystopian future, Hitachi plans to field test this system in cities in the United States this fall.
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Can We Predict the Future?

Most so-called pundits are terrible at it (but we have some GOOD ones).

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How to Predict Your Future

While we can't all be clairvoyant, neuroscientists who are able to "watch" our brains in action with fMRI machines have determined that activity in a region of the brain associated with reward can predict who will...
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What You'll Eat in the Future

In the future (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), it's predicted that the population of the world will swell to 2.5 billion--how will we feed them all? Certainly not with the conventional...
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Your Birth Date Affects Your Future

Does your birth date determine your future--your personality, or physical or mental health? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). According to a new study, the season in which you are born...
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Computers (and some PEOPLE) Can Predict the Future

Some people can predict the future, while other people only THINK they can (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show and you can meet Marla Frees...
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Can We Predict Our Future?

In the future, can we get DNA tests as children to find out what types of diets to eat and what kinds of medicine to take? If only it was that easy. A new study suggests that, for most common diseases, genes alone only tell part of the story--and the environment tells the rest of it, because it interacts with DNA in ways that are difficult to...
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Famous Futurist to Speak on Wed.

in West Virginia - Futurist, friend and Dreamland guest (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) John Petersen returns to the Fairfax Coffeehouse on Wednesday, Aug. 18 16 6:30 pm. The Coffehouse is located at 23 Fairfax St. in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Petersen will lecture and answer your questions about the...

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What's Predicted for 2009

What's ahead for 2009? Futurists are making the following predictions: Anxiety and depression will threaten Americans' mental health, the US will pull out of Iraq, 100 more banks will fail and healthy eating will fall by the wayside. Keep reading for details.

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MORE Predictions!

In his latest Journal, Whitley Strieber wrote: "Not since the summer of 1989 have I seen such a massive upwelling of dire prophecy in the world. At, we are getting emails every day from people who are having dreams or visions of terrible events in the immediate future." Besides predictions of asteroid strikes, we have a new...

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Do You Dream About the Future?

Now you can be part of a special study - At the Arlington Institute, researchers have consulted precognizant dreamers and have learned about hundreds of case studies of individuals who had explicit dreams about 911 (people jumping out of burning high rise buildings, etc.), beginning some six months before the event. They are...

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Our Amazing Future (Cont.)

There are even more amazing discoveries coming in the future, but whether they are good or bad remains to be seen. The US government is encouraging auto makers to develop driverless cars?and planes without pilots as well.

Tom Krisher reports that cars that drive?and even PARK?themselves could be available from US car manufacturers...

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Fantastic Future

Big changes are coming in both movies and computers. Look for more 3D movies in 2008, as well computers that can take dictation (so you no longer need to type!)

In the January 9th edition of the Independent, Rebecca Armstrong reports on upcoming 3D films, which include an IMAX (large format) film about the rock group U2, an adaptation...

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Our Future Will be Fantastic

Flying cars are everywhere?large regions of the Earth are under transparent domes with controlled weather...elsewhere, single buildings rise miles into the sky...huge areas of the ocean are covered with solar cells...tiny cameras watch everyone everywhere all the time, making sure crime does not pay (these are already in place in London). We've...

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Different Future Coming Fast

While some scientists see incredible changes coming in the future, others despair to think that ancient prejudices could still be causing tragedies like 911 and the recent terrorist attacks on London. English Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, who has been interviewed on Dreamland, says that science has changed the world faster in the 21st century...

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Black Boxes Predicted 911

Can black boxes called Random Number Generators predict the future? These small machines are in secret places in 41 countries around the world, where they can pick up mass thought and thus predict major events.

The original RNG resides in a small black box in the basement of the library at Edinburg University in Scotland. It's a small...

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Want to Know the Future? Read Stephen King

In our latestInsight,Michael Goodspeed points out that famous horror authorStephen King's fiction is surprisingly successful atpredicting real future events.

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