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Mining On The Moon - Will Earth's Future Depend on Off-Earth Reserves?

Fables have declared for millennia that the Moon, one of the most influential planets in our solar system, is made of green cheese.

The legend arose from an ancient tale that described how a wolf was convinced by his prey, a wiley fox, that the moon's reflection in a pool was a tasty round cheese. The hapless wolf was persuaded to...
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Is Cold Fusion Now A Reality?

Keeping up with the neighbours can be a real headache. You have just put down a new patio, and then the Bernsteens at Number 34 trump this by building a home cinema. Where do you go from there? Well, Italian inventor and entrepreneur, Andrea Rossi, may have developed the ultimate in home improvements, one which will leave your neighbours...
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French Fusion Reactor Promises a New Energy Era--Eventually

It used to be China that was considered to be at the forefront of the development of fusion energy (the same energy the sun uses), but now it appears to be--of all places--that lovely tourist destination of southern France where the largest fusion reactor every constructed is being built.
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(Finally) Fusion in our Future?

The Chinese claim to have perfected cold fusion (which may be why they--and almost everyone else--wants to go--or...
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Cold Fusion: Once Debunked, Now Proven

After twenty years of controversy and obsessive debunking in the scientific community and the media, US Navy researchershave confirmed that cold fusion reactions can be reliablyreplicated in the laboratory. This is the kind of fusion that works through the electrolysis of heavy water, not the kind that needs Helium 3 as a fuel. It's almost...

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Nuclear fusion is REAL

The physics website reports that researchers have developed a tabletop fusion accelerator that produces nuclear fusion at room temperature, which could eventually lead to a portable, battery-operated generator. The possibility of fusion energy, which has been debated for years, is finally becoming a reality.

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This Time Fusion Works

Scientists have long tried to create fusion, the energy source of the sun. Claims have been made over the years, but they have always been refuted. Now researchers have done it, using a device the size of three stacked coffee cups. Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute zapped tiny dissolved bubbles...

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