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You Can Choose Your Friends But They Could Be Your Family

You can choose your friends but not your family, so the old saying goes. But do we really choose them, or are we genetically pre-disposed to connect with the people in our friendship groups?

People who like to consider their close friends as family may not be too far wrong, according to a new study from the University of California,...
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Women: Live Long & Healthy?Make Friends

Weight, cholesterol and blood pressure are all important.For men,marriage leadsto a healthier old age than remaining single. But this isn'tnecessarily true for women. For them, having plenty offriends is associated with a dramatically lower risk ofsuffering a heart attack or stroke, landing in the hospitalor dying from heart disease. In...

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Why Woman are the Comfort Givers

Newswise - Women are the comforters in our culture and they are notforgiving of other women who lack comforting skills. They'remuch more tolerant of men who lack the skills to becomforters. Communications specialist Brant Burleson says,"We think these women are paying [more] attention to thegender of the person giving the...

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