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Viable Non-Polluting Power Source Discovered, But Is It Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

A ground-breaking new energy source has been discovered by a company in New Jersey.

The powerful new water-based fuel could provide a viable alternative for fuel production worldwide, and has already shown proven results in the supply of sustained electricity production.
The power source is known as The BlackLight Process after...
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Patent Granted to Free Energy Device

Dr. Thomas E. Bearden, a nuclear engineer and retired Army Lt. Colonel has, for many years, been researching free energy. During the last few years, he and his colleagues have constructed working prototypes of free-energy devices. Four researchers are credited with the invention: Stephen L. Patrick, Thomas E. Bearden, James C. Hayes and...

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Take An Air Taxi

A French company will build 40,000 taxis that run on nothing but air for use in Mexico City, the most polluted city on Earth. Guy Negre, a former designer of engines for Formula 1 cars and lightweight aircraft, has been working on his ?zero pollution? design for almost 10 years. The engine gets its power from 80 gallons of air, compressed to...

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Has Free Energy Been Found?

The secret of free energy may have been discovered by a an electrical engineer in Ireland. The 58-year-old electrical engineer is not revealing his identity for ?security and publicity-avoidance reasons.? He has spent 23 years perfecting what he calls the Jasker Power System, which is an electromechanical device that he says is capable of...

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