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Scientists Say Amazon Rainforest Is Drying Out With Catastrophic Results

A few weeks ago, Unknown Country reported that NASA were investing millions of dollars into a new laser-based instrument, located on the International Space Station,  which is intended to provide a unique 3-D view of Earth’s forests...
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Media Fiddles While World Burns

While the media concentrates on John Mark Karr and his claims about a pitiful, decade-old murder, the real story is totally ignored, which is that forest fires are sweeping the world right now at an unprecedented rate. To see what?s happening, click on the image. What is worse, as they grow in number and strength worldwide, they are unleashing...

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Siberian Forest Fires Threaten Earth

As temperatures in Siberia soar and drought stalks the vasttaiga, the danger that Siberian forest fires could become sohuge that the smoke threatens the climate of the entireplanet rises. The fires are set naturally, by 'drylightning,' and by illegal timber firms who sell cheaplumber to China.

The destruction to this forest is so great...

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CA Fires: Why Now?

The areas that are burning in California have always been dry, but people have successfully lived there for years without having their houses burn down. Was it always just a matter of time, or did something change--and was that something terrorism or too much population growth?

As we reported yesterday, the FBI alerted law enforcement...

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CA Fires Set by Terrorists?

Two Hundred Thousand acres have burned in Southern California, with more houses being consumed by fire every day. Fire officials have evidence that at least some of the fires were set intentionally?could this have been done by terrorists? A June 25th FBI memo said an al-Qaeda prisoner claimed he had planned to start forest fires in the U.S....

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Western Wildfires Causing Mercury Pollution

Mercury Pollution from Wildfires

As thousands of acres continue to burn across the western United States, scientists from The National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Washington are flying over the wildfires to measure mercury emissions in their smoke.

During a wildfire, mercury stored in the foliage and...

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Forest Fire Reveals Native American Secrets

Last summer?s forest fire in the Sequoia National Forest in California has uncovered hundreds of American Indian relics, causing anthropologists to change their minds about the Indians who lived here thousands of years ago. As archaeologist Ken Wilson said, "This is about refining history, and there is still so much to learn."


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