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Scientists build a flying jellyfish!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it’s a . . . jellyfish?

Researchers have built a small vehicle that is able to fly through the air using graceful, undulating movements similar to those of a jellyfish swimming through water.

The work, which will be presented at the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid...
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Don't Miss This Incredible New Insight!

In his incredible new Insight, futurist John L. Petersen, of the Arlington Institute (who has written an earlier Insight as well) addresses the new TAS...
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The Scan & the Pat Down

As millions of Americans get ready to travel home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, many are worried about airport scanners and quite a few are resentful of the pat-downs they are receiving. In 2003, we posted a story about this.
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Waiting List

What costs $75,000 and (despite the recession) already has a waiting list? A personal flying machine you can carry around in a backpack like a folding bike. Even if you have to wait to get it, it's a great way to commute!

On, Boonsri Dickinson reports that it's the 200-horsepower Martin Jetpack, which can go 60 mph for 20...

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Flying High

Getting from place to place by airplane is tough because of onerous airport security restrictions, but these are about to get easier. Or you could just strap on your personal flying machine and take off. Take your ipod along and you can listen to your favorite radio shows!

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REAL Flying Machines

Researchers are already trying to solve our commuter traffic jams by inventing small planes that we can use instead of cars. Now another inventor has an even BETTER idea: Personal "Iron Man"-style flying machines that you WEAR!

BBC News quotes Sir Clive Sinclair, one of the inventors of the electric car, as saying, "I'm sure it will...

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