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Flu Milder than Expected

The recently emerged strain of swine flu has been analyzedgenetically, and scientists have concluded that it is likelyto be milder than the 1918 Spanish Flu, and milder than mostnormal winter flu. Whether or not it will mutate into a moredangerous disease in the future is not known, but given thespeed of the worldwide response and the relative...

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What We Need is...

a vaccination for Swine Flu! - Researchers are working feverishly to develop a vaccine to protect us from Swine Flu, but they may develop an all-purpose flu vaccine that protects against many different strains of flu first. Scared of needles? You may be able to be vaccinated with a patch!

Currently drug companies...

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Important Swine Flu Information

We have just posted an important Insight about how to protect yourself from Swine Flu, and what to do if you get it. Some of the most important material is about HOW to wash your hands!

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Flu Pandemics: How They Work

UPDATE: First US death, 2 year old Mexican child living in Texas - Since the late nineteenth century when adequate recordsbegan to be kept, there have been four major flu pandemics,in 1889, 1918, 1957 and 1968. Pandemics come in waves, andthe 1918 event showed a typical pattern. The flu spread frombirds to humans, then to pigs...

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Public Health Emergency Declared

Swine flu has spread to the US--2 UPDATES - On Sunday, the US government declared a public health emergency because the number of swine flu cases in this country has risen to 20 and the new variant of the virus isnot yet understood. Public institutions in Mexico have been closed down due to the virus, and free face masks have...

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What to Do if You Think You Have the Flu

IF you wear contact lenses! - When you feel a cold or the flu coming on, take out your contact lenses or reduce your lens-wear time, or your EYES may catch a cold too!

If you have extended-wear lenses, opt for daily contact lenses when you start feeling cold and flu-like symptoms, and still remove them earlier in the...

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If There's a Flu Pandemic

?are we prepared? When hospitals fill up, we'll use nursing homes?are they ready? - In the July 21st edition of the Independent, Ben Russell writes that the world is failing to guard against the inevitable spread of a devastating flu pandemic which could kill 50 million people and wreak massive disruption around the globe. And...

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Why NOW?

Why does the flu strike in cold weather? It's a tough year for the flu: this year the virus mutated after the flu vaccine was produced, meaning that only 40% of people who took the shot are protected.

Researchers have discovered that flu viruses cover themselves with a warm winter "coat" of fat that hardens into a gel to protect them...

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Why is Winter Flu Season?

We've told you how to make your flu shot work better, but the big question is: why does flu strike during the winter?

In, Dave Mosher writes about a new study that shows that the flu virus?s success depends on low relative humidity and cold temperatures?and that describes winter weather. The virus can live longer in cold...

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Flu Shot That Lasts a Lifetime

What if you could take a single flu shot that would protect you for the rest of your life, just like your other vaccines do? Believe it or not, this may be coming up soon! The reason that flu shots change every year is because the flu virus keeps changing. BBC News reports that another benefit would be that the vaccine could be stockpiled in...

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Flu Shot May Protect Against Bird Flu Too

We've written about how working out at the gym before you get your flu shot will make it work better. Now we've learned that your annual flu shot may protect you against bird flu as well.

The yearly flu vaccine that health officials urge people to get each fall might also offer certain individuals some cross protection against the H5N1...

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Make Your Flu Shot Work Better

It's flu season, and we hope you've gotten your flu vaccination this year (it's a myth that flu shots give you the flu?they can't. But it sometimes seems that way when people have already been exposed to the flu virus by the time they get their injection). Scientists have found a way to enhance the flu vaccine's immune response, so it will work...

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It's the Cold Season Again?What Can You Do?

When temperatures dip, most people spend more time indoors?where they may have prolonged contact with others who may be sick. You catch a cold by hand-to-hand contact with someone who has already has one, or by using shared objects such as doorknobs, computer keyboards or telephones. Once you touch your mouth, nose or eyes after such exposure,...

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Will Bird Flu Arrive Here? (Part II)

Bird flu is a killer when it infects human beings, but so far it has not mutated into a virus that people can catch from each other. Now scientists are learning why. Scientists are learning why the avian flu virus H5N1 has not yet mutated into a strain that can be transmitted between humans. It turns out that the avian strain can't bind to...

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Does Keeping Warm Ward Off Colds?

Now that the cold and flu season is here we're not only worried about bird flu, most of us are concerned about catching the ordinary, everyday cold. The idea that failure to bundle up against the elements can lead to sneezes and sniffles has been around for ages, but has been dismissed as an old wives' tale. However, a recent study supports the...

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Silver Bullet for Bird Flu

The Journal of Nanotechnology reports that silver nanoparticles kill HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS, and will probably kill other viruses as well, including the virus that causes bird flu. But it's still not known how, if these extremely tiny particles can be put into a form that can be injected into the human body, they will able to target...

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Chinese Spice is Cure for Bird Flu

Star anise, a common spice used in Chinese cooking that can be found on in the Asian section of many grocery stores, is the main ingredient in Tamiflu, which so far is the only antidote to the symptoms of bird flu.

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Bird Flu Virus Spreading But HIV Getting Weaker

One thing that is consistent about viruses is that they constantly mutate. This is why new flu vaccines have to be produced every year. Now it's been announced that avian flu has reached Europe?that's the bad news about viruses. The good news? The virus that causes HIV, which leads to AIDS, is getting weaker.

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Deadly Flu Virus Formla on Internet

After nine years of effort, in a top secret program, scientists have recreated the deadly 1918 Spanish flu virus, which caused one of the biggest pandemics in human history. The virus is stockpiled in a government laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite the danger, the DNA sequence of this flu is now available to scientists over the internet...

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How Does Flu Spread? Kids!

In announcements about how lethal the upcoming bird flu pandemic will be, experts are contradicting themselves. As we've told our readers before, the best weapon against bird flu is to wash your hands whenever you come in from outside, because flu virus lives on surfaces. This is especially important now that Tamiflu may not be working anymore...

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Bird Flu?Be Prepared

We recently put up a story about keeping West Nile disease in perspective. It's easy to shrug off bird flu as well, but you shouldn't do it. Here at, we warned to you to sell your SUV two years ago, before gas prices started their dramatic rise. Now we're telling you to get a prescription for Tamiflu and keep it on hand,...

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Bird Flu Becoming Dangerous Threat

Human-to-human transmission of bird flu in four Southeast Asian countries has caused scientists to announce that the threat of a bird flu pandemic looms large. At first scientists weren't sure it was spreading from person to person, but now they have documented cases of this in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. It's inevitable that it...

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Universal Flu Vaccine on the Way

New studies are underway to develop a universal flu vaccine designed to protect against all potential varieties of influenza virus, including swine flu and bird flu. This research is especially important as health workers try to figure out how to get the new avian flu vaccine to everyone who may be exposed to the virus in the future.


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UPDATE: Bird Flu Vaccine Arrives Just in Time--Or Does It?

Finally?before the dreaded pandamic?an avian (bird flu) vaccine has been created. Unless we're doctors or public health workers, this doesn't mean much to us here in the US, but scientists have been worried that this disease, which originally spread to humans from birds (especially poultry) in Asian countries, would eventually lead to an...

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Use Your Hands

In Italy and Spanish-speaking countries, people tend to "talk with their hands" as well as their voices. If you can't always find the right word, you might want to start doing this too, because new research suggests that gesturing while you talk may improve your access to language. One thing you should definitely do with your hands is wash them...

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Lethal Viruses Lost in Shipment

Agence France-Presse - Some samples of adeadly fluvirus that a US institute sent out to more than 3,700laboratories around the world have disappeared on their wayto two of their destinations (in Lebanon and Mexico) theUN's health agency revealed Friday.

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Lethal Flu Virus Sent Around the World

In what was either an accident or abioterrorismattack, potentially lethal samples of the Asian flu weresent to laboratories around the world by a U.S. testingorganization. This flu strain appeared between 1957 and1968 and killed four million people worldwide. Was this anaccident?or an act of terrorism?

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We're Not Prepared for Upcoming Flu Epidemic

The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control haswarned that the outbreak of bird flu in Asia is the singlebiggest threat facing the world today. Right now, bird flucan only be caught directly from infected birds?usuallychickens?but there are signs that the virus is evolving andmay soon be able to be passed from person to person. If...

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Bird Flu May Be on the Way Here

In the U.S., many of us are still trying to get our yearlyflu shots. There was an earlier shortage of vaccine, but nowthere should be plenty to go around and you don't need to beelderly or infirm in order to get a flu shot. In Asia,patients are coping with something much more lethal: birdflu. Researchers don't think it's just spreading from...

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Bird Flu Frightens Officials

Bird flu persists in Asia, and that worries health officialsworldwide. The H5N1 virus is so lethal that it is believedthat it could kill fifty million people if it mutates andbecomes transmissible from human to human.

In 1997, virologists did not believe that the virus could betransmitted from birds to humans, but the deaths of 6 of...

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