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It's Too Late To "Save The Planet" Says Scientist; We Need To Save Ourselves

Back in 1965, maverick scientist James Lovelock, warned an oil company that the year 2000 would not be dominated by fusion-powered cars or advanced technology, but by the changing climate.

"It will be worsening then to such an extent that it will seriously affect their business," he said. He may have slightly under-played...
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Gravity Could Help To Predict Floods Months in Advance, Say Scientists

A recent study could help scientists predict impending floods months before they occur.

The study states that a pair of NASA satellites, known collectively as GRACE, have detected variations in gravitational pull from saturated river basins that appear to be accurate indicators of flooding.

The report, which was...
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Another Unknown Country Prediction Manifests Into Reality: Unprecedented Flooding In Europe

A few days ago, Unknown Country Climate Watch predicted "extremes of flooding" across the Northern Hemisphere. Those who read this site regularly will know how accurate Climate Watch predictions have proved to be, and this one, unfortunately, is no exception.

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Global Warming: Could it be causing sub-zero temperatures and flooding across the planet?

The term "global warming" suggests that we can expect temperatures across the planet to become increasingly hotter with every passing year.

Australia's blazing hot weather certainly broke all records during 2013, with summer and winter temperatures that were 1.2C above the long term average. In its annual report, the...
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Another Severe Storm Hits Britain

Another severe storm lashed the U.K. on Monday, leaving two people dead and a trail of destruction in the wake of its fury.
Many rail, air and ferry services were disrupted, and it was chaos on the nation's roads, with the U.K's Network Rail declaring that storm damage was worse than that caused by recent super-storm Jude.

The U...
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UPDATE: Nuclear Plants on Alert, 6.5 Million without Power

6.5 million people in the Northeast US are without power, including all of Manhattan below 39th Street. Nuclear power plants in the region are on alert because of the danger that they may lose outside power supplies, or their water exchange systems may be flooded. The power plants rely on diesel generators for backup power. Outside power is...
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What Caused the Legend of Noah's Ark?

A worldwide flood that took place 14,600 years ago is almost certainly the origin of some of the oldest of all human stories, the flood tales of Native America, the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and Noah's Flood.

Scientists now know that it was caused by a very rapid and intense warming event and the collapse of ice sheets all across...
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Flood Plugs

If waterworld is our path in the future, we may ALL need levees to keep away the water, and if they fail, like they did in New Orleans during Katrina, we'll need PLUGS.

Researcher Wil Laska has invented technology to quickly seal a levee breach and reduce floodwaters through the opening within four to six hours of detection, before the...

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Waters Rising Soon

Why has Greenland's major glacier doubled the speed of its melt in the last 15 years, causing ocean levels to rise? We need to figure this out before we all drown.

We don't yet understand ice sheets and glaciers well enough to make precise predictions about how and where their melting will affect the earth. And even if all greenhouse gas...

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India Deluge Kills Hundreds

The downpour that struck Bombay (Mumbai) on Tuesday has leftat least 500 people dead and possibly many more. Parts ofthe state of Maharashtra received 37 inches of rain over avery short time, and Bombay received 26 inches. It was arecord rainfall for India, and one of the great deluges ofhistory.

Today at least 15 people were killed when...

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Scientist Investigates Noah's Flood

Eve Conant writes in Newsweek that underwater explorer Robert Ballard is investigating the legend of Noah's ark. Many historians think the worldwide flood legends originated about 7,500 years ago at the end of the ice age, when the Aegean Sea flowed into the Black Sea with incredible force, raising the water level of the Black Sea six inches a...

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