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Fish Whispers

Researchers have discovered the secret of how elephants communicate. They know that dolphins and whales talk to each other from long distances away. They've discovered a parrot that may be able converse like a human being. Now they think that fish talk to each other as well.

In, Charles Q. Choi quotes fish expert Timothy...

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Fish Emergency

There is an emergency going on in the world's oceans that most of us know nothing about: as certain species of fish that are overfished or stressed due to pollution or changes in water temperature become drastically reduced in number, this changes the whole balance of the ocean ecosystem, causing more species to go extinct, etc. Since many...

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Easy Fishing

If you're having trouble catching fish, the Missouri River is the place to go, because the fish jump right into your boat, all by themselves. Fisherman Duane Chapman simply takes his boat out on the river and waits, then cries, "Here they come. Look out!"

KMBC's Jeremy Hubbard reports seeing fish jumping, flipping and flopping right into...

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Fisherman Catches Computer

Fisherman Larry Mattson caught a lake trout in Michigan's Traverse Bay that had a computer inside it. It's not the kind he could use to surf the internet, however, since it's only the size of a finger. It was put inside the fish by game wardens, and there was also a phone number on a tag on the back of the fish. When Mattson called it, he...

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Fish Feel Pain

First we're told that lobsters are sensitive to heat?now we learn that fish feel pain. Is it possible to eat dinner without feeling guilty? British scientists found that fish have pain receptors in their heads. "This fulfils the criteria for animal pain," says researcher Lynne Sneddon.

Bee venom or acetic acid was injected into the lips...

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Vegetarian Fish?

British scientists are trying to turn fish into vegetarians, in order to save the dwindling stocks of fish around the world. Fish farming looked like the answer at first, but salmon, trout, haddock and cod in fish farms are fed on smaller, wild fish. Since they consume up to five times their own weight, farmed fish are using up much of the...

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Man Eating Fish

Hundreds of meat eating fish that are usually only found in China are living in a pond in Maryland, where a pet owner dumped them. There?s concern these will continue to multiply until they wipe out the native species of fish. The Snakehead grows to be 3 feet long and has a big appetite. If they can?t find enough other fish to eat, they can...

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Lifesaving Chemical Pollutes Water

A lifesaving chemical which is used to make upholstery flame-resistant, pentaBDE (penta bromo diphenyl ether), has turned up in water supplies and even in breast milk.

Freshwater fish in Virginia have been found to contain the highest reported levels in the world. It?s showing up in animals and humans around the globe. PentaBDE has also...

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Do Mysterious Fish Deaths Explain Shark Attacks?

Mysterious Fish Deaths Around the World

We recently reported that hundreds of dead fish are washing up on the shores of Lake Erie in the U.S. Now we?ve learned that an official investigation in Kuwait has been unable to determine the cause of death of 1,000 tons of fish washed up on its shores. Environment officials have suggested that a...

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Ancient Man Messed Up the Environment, too?and It?s Up to Us to Fix It

Ecological problems in coastal waters are nothing new?they began thousands of years ago when primitive peoples fished so heavily that marine environments became ecologically unbalanced and remain that way today.

By examining ancient garbage mounds, sediment deposits and archeological records, scientists found that excessive hunting of...

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