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Wildfires Sparked by Climate Change

Climate Change dried out Colorado--hardly any snow fell in the winter, then spring rains didn't come. A spark was all that was needed to start a raging wildfire.
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Fire Prevention Makes Fire Deaths Worse

Some of the flame retardants added to carpets, furniture upholstery, plastics, crib mattresses, car and airline seats and other products to suppress the visible flames in fires are actually increasing the danger of invisible toxic gases that are the main of death in fires. Almost 10,000 deaths from fires occur in industrialized countries worldwide...
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Wildfires Cause Climate Change

This season's massive Arizona fires have destroyed dozens of structures and burned nearly three-quarters of a million acres. But they've also done something else: They also are contributing to global warming by upsetting the carbon balance while they are burning and for years to come. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide, but how long they hold onto it...
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Mysterious Italian Fires Solved?

A report leaked to the Italian press concerning a series of unexplained fires that took place in Sicily in 2004 has attributed them to "unnatural forces capable of creating large amounts of electromagnetic energy." The report also mentions a possible UFO landing close to the village that left burned imprints in a field. Does this mean...
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Spontaneous Fires Still a Mystery

We recently wrote about mysterious fires spontaneously breaking out in the Italian town of Canneto di Caronia. TVs and appliances burst into flames, cars refused to unlock and cell phones rang when no one was calling. The residents were evacuated and the scientists moved in with their equipment. Now the villagers have moved back home, but there...

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Spontaneous Fires (and Stones) in India

First we reported about the mysterious spontaneous fires that were taking place in Italy. Now we've learned this is happening in India as well.

Rohit Ghosh reports that people in the Madhya Pradesh area of the country have been rushing to put out mysterious fires that seem to spring up on their own. One villager says, "Our wells have...

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