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Fireballs Rain Down as Another Asteroid Near Miss Takes Place. What's Going On?

We are currently living under very volatile skies. Less than one year after a 10,000 ton meteorite exploded above the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in the Urals injuring 950 people, Russian scientists reveal that a nearby area of the country narrowly missed an impact from a 15 meter asteroid which skimmed past Earth last weekend. The asteroid, which...
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Balls of Fire in India

Huge balls of fire are being seen in the skies of India, andthey aren't asteroids or plane crashes. They are accompaniedby deafening explosions.

In one village, trees began swaying and dishes fell offshelves. People panicked and ran from their houses.Incredibly loud explosions were also heard, but so far,police have not been able to find...

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Fireballs in Spain

It's usually ice blocks that fall from the sky in Spain, but recently hundreds of witnesses there saw balls of fire in the sky. Authorities are searching for an estimated 50 tons of material from a meteorite which broke up after colliding with the Earth. A local official says, "I left the house at around 12 minutes to six. I heard a big...

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Mystery of the Naga Fireballs

The colorful Naga fireballs arrive in Laos every autumn, during the full moon at the end of Buddhist Lent. Local scientists think they know what causes the lights, but they don't understand why they return at the same time every year.

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Mysterious Fireballs Return Every Year

In Thailand, half a million people gather every year to watch fireballs rise out of the Mekong River. Thousands of reddish-pink balls of light shoot up into the sky above the Mekong, which runs through five nations before flowing out to sea in Vietnam. Locals say the phenomenon has been going on for half a century. The fireballs appear during...

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