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"Fingerprint Twins" Could Undermine Forensics

Criminals convicted primarily on the basis of fingerprint evidence could soon have grounds for appeal based on the comments of a leading forensic scientist.Fingerprint evidence has been employed to establish criminal involvement since forensic science was first used by the UK's Scotland Yard back in 1901, but now Mike Silverman, who introduced the...
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DNA May Not Always Catch the Culprit

We're relying more and more on DNA evidence to catch rapists and murderers, but there's evidence that psychological bias plays a part in how this evidence is interpreted. Labs aren't always as objective as we'd like them to be.

Recently, we've seen cases where DNA evidence freed innocent people from prisons, but sometimes,...
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Fingerprints Can Be Faked

On TV shows like CSI, forensic scientists identify crooks by the evidence they leave behind, and the best kind of evidence is fingerprints. But Tsutomu Matsumoto of the University of Yokohama in Japan has discovered that fake fingers made out of jello can leave prints that fool the experts.

His team created artificial fingers out of...

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