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Insight: UFO Sightings on the Rise

Remember UFOs--those wonderful mysteries in the sky? And abductions? And crop circles? And what of the Disclosure Project?

It's all still happening, and there's one researcher who has not stopped searching the skies, George Filer of Filer's Files. Throughout the crisis, he has continued to collect UFO stories, which turns out to be a...

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FAA Radar Showed Carteret Lights

The Wednesday, September 5 edition of Filers Files reports that on July 25 the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the FAA asking for the radar tapes for July 14-15, the period of the Carteret UFO sightings in New Jersey. NIDS also requested the tower voice tapes from Newark International...

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Spectacular UFOs over New Jersey UPDATED

Update: Filer's Files offers an interview with a witness, a member of the clergy, as well as numerous other reports. To read this material, click here.

A spectacular array of lights were observed over the Arthur Kill near Carteret, N.J. on the night of Sunday-Monday July 15-16. These lights appeared similar to lights that were observed...

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UFO Wave Over US Midwest

A wave of UFO sightings is occurring across the Midwestern US, according to reports being received by George Filer?s Filer?s Files. In Evansville, Indiana, witnesses spotted a group of UFOs that looked like ?a fleet of plates, all gray except for the lights, flying through the air on April 13, 2001.? They go on to say, ?We saw [them] real early...

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UFO Sightings Increase Worldwide

After a lull in December and January, UFO reports have been increasing dramatically, according to George Filer's UFO report, Filer's Files.

But are UFOs real? The US Air Force says they can all be explained away. The media generally ignores them or publishes silly season stories about them. The skeptical community claims that no...

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Texas-Oklahoma UFO Sightings - A Flap is On

On October 13, 2000 at approximately 7:30 PM a group of lights streaked across the Midwest, appearing first over northwest Texas, and ultimately being sighted from Oklahoma to Nebraska and as far east as Illinois.

On October 18, NASA issued a statement that the objects were the remains of a Russian Proton rocket that had been fired...

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Midwest Meteor - It's A Russian Rocket Again

The meteor that crossed the Midwest on the night of October 13 was almost certainly the re-entering remains of a Russian Proton Rocket, as originally claimed by NASA a few days after the incident.

A La Crosse, Kansas farmer has found the battered remains of the rocket on his farm. This was apparently the source of the story of the UFO...

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Shuttle Mission 106 UFO Video

On September 8, 2000, NASA Shuttle Mission STS-106 joined the numerous shuttle missions that have videotaped or photographed UFOs. The UFO involved appeared in mission video that was recorded from the ground, but has been edited out of subsequent copies provided by NASA.

There may have been audio transmissions concerning the object as...

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Whitley's Coast Report

On Friday, September 29, Whitley Strieber reported on an increase in sightings in the upstate New York area where the cabin in which he had the Communion experience was located.

The Space Group has been active in the area since 1989

Link for Space Group.

In 1992, Bruce Cornet took some unusual photos of a C-5 at Stewart...

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Contrails Sweep Stuns Australia's Gold Coast

George Filer is the editor of the highly respected UFO chronicle Filer's Files. He has been involved in UFO research for twenty years and has over 5,000 flying hours with the Air Force. In Filer's Files #30, he discusses a personal contrail sighting on July 9, 2000 that has left him extremely uneasy. He also reports on Louisiana MUFON Director...

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Has NOAA Photographed a Giant UFO?

Filer's Files - A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration GOES satellite has photographed a large object orbiting the earth. The photograph was made by the automatic satellite from geosyncrhonous (stationary) orbit. The incident took place at 2:45PM on November 21, 1999. NOAA explained the object away as a "moon shadow...

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Confirmation Special Scheduled by NBC, Host Named

The Confirmation special will run on Wednesday, February 17th, 1999 from 8 to 10 PM. It will feature as host Robert Davi of the NBC show Profilers. Whitley Strieber is co-producer with Mark Wolper of the Wolper Organization and appears in the special as well. Mr. Davi brings an open mind and a fascination with mysteries to his hosting duties....

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