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Hermaphrodite Created in a Test Tube

On July 1st, we report that an aborted fetus can now become a mother. Martin Hutchinson writes in that the bizarre experiments haven't stopped: a U.S. scientists has created a hermaphrodite embryo that is both male and female.

Dr. Norbert Gliecher created the mixed-sex embryo to cure illnesses, but critics say it could lead...

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An Aborted Fetus Can Become a Mother

Even those who are passionately pro-choice may find this new innovation disturbing: eggs from aborted female fetuses can now be kept alive and grown in a lab, for later implantation into an infertile woman's uterus. This means that even though a fetus has never been born, she can still be a mother.

This may be illegal in the U.K. Suzi...

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Fetus to Mom: It?s Noisy Out There!

James Greenleaf, Paul Ogburn and Mostafa Fatemi of the Mayo Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota have found that ultrasound examinations during pregnancy expose the fetus to a sound as loud as a subway train coming into a station. But they don?t think the experience causes the baby any lasting harm.

Ultrasound machines generate sound waves...

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