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Traffic Jams Reduce Male Fertility

Car pollution may damage male fertility. Italian researcher Dr. Michele De Rosa thinks the nitrogen oxide and lead in exhaust fumes may be to blame. Young and middle-aged men are the largest group of commuters and they're also the group most likely to want to become fathers.

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Discovery of New Fertility Vitamin

The reason so many women have trouble getting pregnant may be linked to a newly-discovered vitamin. Japanese scientists have discovered a new vitamin that plays an important role in fertility in mice and may have a similar function in humans.

Takafumi Kato says pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), a substance discovered in 1979, is a vitamin...

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White Parents Have Black Twins

It had to happen: white parents who underwent in-vitrofertilization have given birth to black twins. The whitemother, who lives in the U.K., wants to keep the babies, buta black couple claims they belong to them.

IVF involves mixing of the father's sperm with the mother'seggs in the laboratory. The resulting fertilized embryos...
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