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Senator Introduce Bill to Rein in NSA Snoopers

Senator Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy introduced a bill yesterday that is designed to place controls over intelligence agency snooping without compromising security. The 72-page bill combines parts of proposals from other senators who have long sought to control the extended government reach that comes from provisions of the Foreign...
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What Happened to Michael Hastings?

Michael Hastings, a contributor to Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed, died on Tuesday morning in a fiery automobile accident in Los Angeles at the age of 33. The engine of the 2013 Mercedes he was driving was found a hundred feet from the burned out ruin of the car itself. When the accident took place, local residents thought a bomb had exploded. ...
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Thousands of UFO Documents Destroyed by FBI

The FBI received so many reports of UFO sightings in the 1940s that they destroyed thousands of them, saying they contained "nothing of FBI interest," due to lack of space in their filing cabinets. This information was recently released on the FBI data base called The Vault. Besides the...
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FBI Treasure Hunt

Anthrax-making equipment found in a pond in Maryland, bioweapons buried at nearby Fort Detrick?the FBI has been on a lot of treasure hunts lately. Now Pierre Thomas and Risa Molitz reveal in an exclusive that the government is digging for 10,000 pages of documents, slides and videos that they think former Air Force intelligence...

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Joe College is Being Watched

College is supposed to be a place where you can try out radical new ideas and enjoy free speech, but that's gotten dangerous now that campus police departments are helping federal agents track down terrorists. Many of the 911 terrorists came here on student visas, and Homeland Security wants to find out if there are any more hiding in the...

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Cities Fight Federal Snooping

Cities across the country are passing resolutions to counteract new Federal snooping legislation. Oakland, California, is now the 20th city to pass a resolution barring employees, including librarians and policemen, from collaborating with federal officials who try to use their new power to investigate residents.

The Patriot Act was...

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Our Libraries are Bugged

The FBI is monitoring computer use in at least one public library--and probably in libraries across the country. Bill Olds, a reporter for The Hartford Courant, discovered the Feds have bugged the computers at the Hartford Public Library, in an effort to get leads to terrorist organizations.

The FBI installs special software on the...
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Spies Among Us

The Bush Administration plans to recruit millions of us asspies in the new Terrorism Information and Prevention System(TIPS). The program wants 4 per cent of Americans to report"suspicious activity." The last time we were encouraged tospy on each other here in the U.S. was during the McCarthyyears in the 1950s, when the FBI encouraged people to...

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FBI Blunders & CIA Goofs

The FBI had a chance to infiltrate an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan months before September 11, but top FBI agents rejected the plan. U.S. News & World Reportsays an informant told a bureau field agent months before the September 11 attacks that he was invited to attend a commando training course at an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan....

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FBI Agents Used 911 Info for Profit

Anthony M. DeStefano reveals in Newsday that 2 FBI agents may have teamed up with an Egyptian money man to use classified information about 911 to make money in the stock market. Classified government information was found in their possession during a search. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Breen says the confidential data was material they had...

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Is the FBI Penetrated?

Is the FBI Penetrated?

A terrifying and sobering group of news stories has appeared in recent days that suggest that individuals within the FBI had prior knowledge of 9/11 and suppressed it, both for personal gain and, in one case, possibly because of connections to terrorist elements.

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Whitley Strieber Asks: Is the FBI Penetrated?

Over the past week, there have been a shattering series of revelations of foreknowledge of 911 within the FBI. Congress and the Administration are both beginning aggressive investigations of the situation, and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has said, "if FBI headquarters is still handling terrorism information like it handled the (Zacharia)...

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Effective immediately, the FBI has issued a terror alert of a possible attack on the United States or US interests in Yemen on or around Tuesday, February 12. Believed to be involved in the possible attack is Fawaz Yahya Al-Rabeei, a Yemeni national traveling on Yemini Passport 00452004. His whereabouts are unknown. There is no evidence that he...

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FBI Can Read What You Type

The FBI is developing software capable of inserting a virus onto a computer and obtaining encryption keys. Using this software, known as ?Magic Lantern,? agents can read data that has been scrambled, a tactic that is employed by criminals to hide information and evade law enforcement. The best snooping technology that the FBI currently uses,...

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FBI Warns of Increased Terror Risk

The FBI issued notification today that there is believed to be an increased risk of terrorist attacks against targets within the United States and US interests overseas. The warning covers the next several days.

All local and state law enforcement officials are asked to be on the highest alert, the public is asked to contact the FBI and...

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Computer Worm: FBI Had Advance Warning

The Code Red computer worm is finally slowing down, after infecting thousands of computers. The security company that first discovered the computer virus says the swift-moving worm might have been stopped much sooner if not for the FBI?s caution about publicizing security threats.

The worm hit more than 700,000 computers in July and...

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