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What Fat Dads Do

A father's fatness may influence his children's health and raise their risk for diseases like cancer. Biologist Adelheid Soubry says, "Understanding the risks of the current Western lifestyle on future generations is important."

In the past, researchers looking at health outcomes in newborns have studied pregnant mothers,...
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Missing Dad? Not a Problem

Do kids who grow up without dads have three strikes against them? It has long been assumed that an absent father and a single-parent household (with the parent usually being the mother) deprives children of the skills they need to be socially and...
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Father's Day

Gay Dads are Dads too - Time passes: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Dad with a baby carriage (but not if you're in a gay partnership). However, this is gradually changing and the kids are doing just fine.

Adoption agencies understandably want to know if the children they place with homosexual couples...

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Dominant Dads

Do you remember your Dad as being a dominant male? There's something in the faces of brown-eyed white men that makes them seem more dominant than blue-eyed men, and it ISN'T their eye color.

Researchers asked a group of over 60 people to look at photos of 80 faces: 40 men and 40 women, and rate them for dominance. They then altered the...

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Why it's Not Good to be a Teenaged Dad

As those of us who have seen the movie "Juno" can attest, teenagers do not make good dads. Now researchers have discovered that they are also likely to have unhealthy babies. While it's obvious why this might be true with teenaged mothers (because they don?t get the right kind of prenatal care), BBC News reports that the researchers who...

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Marrying Dad

Researchers have discovered that women marry men who look like their fathers, especially if they had a good relationship with their dads. In the Independent, Steve Connor and Jonathan Brown write, "Husbands and boyfriends: take a good look in the mirror. Then dig out your partners' family photographs. Do you look like her father? If not, you...

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